The EXANATE reviews

The EXANATE reviews

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EXANATE is a Maltese broker established in March 2011, offering trading over 20 currency pairs, precious metals, options, stocks, stocks, and ETFs through its own multifunctional platform. The broker has a type 2 license issued by the Maltese Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and has the right to be a fund manager. The Fund Manager has the right to provide various investment services and safeguard clients’ funds and assets. The organization also manages the registration of the company and is responsible for the listing of companies. Read the review of EXANTE in this guide;

EXANATE: Special Aspects

To open an account with EXANATE, traders must invest at least $ 10,000. This minimum starting amount is high enough for the EXANATE market. Other European brokers require less; for example, a broker regulated by the FCA requires $ 50 as a Start Deposit from its clients, and Cyprus FXTM requires only $ 5.

EXANATE: Spreads & Fees

The single account provides strictly variable spreads with an average of 0.3 pips per EUR / USD, as well as a 0.5 pip commission for trading. Thus, in general, the average trading cost of ECN account holders is about 1.3 pips for the EUR / USD pair (including fees), which is the average for the EXANATE market. For comparison, Cypriot FXCM Broker costs $ 2 per lot and offers an average of 0.5 pip spreads in EUR / USD on its ECN accounts (available from $ 500 starting deposit).

EXANATE: Maximum leverage

The maximum leverage offered by EXANATE is set to 1:50, which is considered low. However, this broker is clearly aimed at large investors with capital that does not require high leverage.

If you are looking for the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4), you will not find it on EXANATE. Instead, the broker developed a versatile automated trading platform. Use FIX tools to provide fast, reliable, and reliable operation in your application.

You can trade indices, commodities, currencies, and bitcoin right from your browser. There are apps for PC (Windows, macOS or Linux) and mobile apps for Android and IOS devices.

The platform offers a Click-Trade module that allows you to place bets instantly or at market prices. A real-time market depth option is also available.

EXANATE also provides API integration and support, as well as multi-portfolio management from a single trading account.

EXANATE: A scam?

The reviews of Exante broker- EXANATE is a professional broker regulated by a large organization that provides its services and fulfills its obligations to its clients in terms of compliance with all trading and business rules. The reliability of this broker can be well tracked for a considerable period of time and many traders choose EXANATE as their trading broker. Advanced security technology and high-quality service are deeply loved by most users.

EXANATE: How to deposit and withdraw money

Unlike most brokers, EXANATE does not offer multiple deposit and withdrawal methods. The broker only offers bank transfers.

EXANATE: Regulator

As a serious investment company regulated by the EU, EXANATE is protected by the MiFID directive. EXANATE provides all necessary documents, procedures, and regulations in order to comply precisely with the requirements of the Directive. EXANATE offers a wide range of services to support the implementation of mandate requirements, helping partners implement their mandate requirements, thereby reducing costs. The Office of Financial Regulation and Supervision of Malta have complete control over the compliance of Malta investment companies with the requirements of the Directive. Trading in financial markets can take a long time to find a broker that suits your needs.


·         Regulator: Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA)

·         Country of headquarters: Malta

·         Year of establishment: 2008

·         Minimum deposit:: 500

·         Used by over 10,000 sellers

Is EXANATE safe?

·         Choosing a broker like EXANATE is just as important as its governance and regulatory status. Brokers who trade without regulatory oversight are at their discretion.

·         Founded in 2008, EXANATE has been in business for 12 years and is headquartered in Malta.

·         EXANATE is regulated. This means that verdict Exante broker is supervised and controlled by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) regulatory body.

·         Regulated brokers do not manipulate market prices. Sending withdrawal requests to EXANATE will be respected. Violation of regulatory rules by EXANATE may result in revocation of its status as a regulated broker.

·         Traders’ payments to the EXANATE account are kept in a separate bank account.

In conclusion

EXANATE is an authoritative Maltese broker mainly focusing on institutional clients, large traders and trading on its own platform, offering connections to various stock exchanges. To sum up, the advantages and disadvantages of this broker are: It is a very professional company with good response and reputation. One of the disadvantages is the limited options for deposit and withdrawal operations and the inability to use popular trading tools. Overall, the EXANATE Broker meets the strong requirements of highly specialized clients and can definitely only be recommended for specific purposes.

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