The Hidden Gem of Materials: Exploring the Unique Properties of Foamex


You’ve likely seen foamex a hundred times without realising what makes this material so unique. 

As you’ll discover, foamex at Simply Plastics packs some hidden abilities that make it a super-material for countless applications. 

Read on to unveil the true potential of this unassuming foam board.

The Jack of All Trades

Foamex, also called foam PVC or foam board, wears many hats. This rigid foam sandwiched between layers of paper or plastic can pull off lightness and sturdiness at once. 

It also delivers versatility that makes it a mainstay material across signage, construction, packaging, displays, and more. 

The range of sizes, colours, finishes and thicknesses available from providers like Simply Plastics allow foamex to adapt to endless uses.

Whether you need a resilient material for indoor retail displays, long-lasting building signs or protective transport cases, foamex fits the application. 

The possibilities are virtually endless with this high-performing foam board.

Strength Without Bulk

One thing that sets foamex apart from materials like wood, acrylic and aluminium is its high strength-to-weight ratio. At just a fraction of the weight of solid materials, foamex holds up to scuffs, bumps, drops and more. 

Even thin 3mm foamex withstands twisting and bending better than you’d expect. This lightweight quality allows easy handling and installation. Just think how effortless it is to lift a foamex sign compared to one made of wood or metal.

Stands the Test of Time

While foamex is lightweight, it packs durable properties that help it last. The foam core offers rigidity and bounce-back, so it resists scratches or impressions from regular use. 

The outer paper layers shield against moisture, contaminants and UV rays. Add in chemical and flame resistance and you have exceptional longevity for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Signage, point-of-purchase displays and building projects turn to foamex for its ability to hang in there for the long haul.

If you need a material to withstand heavy foot traffic and exposure to elements, foamex has the resilience you seek. 

It conveniently replaces materials like solid plastics and wood composites without the frequent replacement headaches. 

This foam board solution may be lightweight, but it sure is built to last.

Easy to Manipulate

Even with its resilient properties, foamex remains highly machinable to suit an array of customisation needs. 

Using everyday tools, you can accurately cut, drill, rout, glue or fasten foamex to achieve exact sizes and shapes. CNC routers and laser cutters also make short work of higher-volume foamex cutting jobs. 

This machining ease allows creators to produce professional-looking results out of this inexpensive board. For custom creations on a budget, foamex fits the bill.

Graphics Made Simple

The protective paper finish makes foamex an optimal canvas for printed graphics and laminates. Whereas materials like MDF cannot directly accept print, foamex offers an instant graphics-ready surface. 

The rigid smooth quality takes inkjet or screen printing beautifully. Laminates also adhere easily for durable signs and displays. Generating professional visuals for commercial spaces or events poses no challenge with this versatile foam board solution.

With the inside scoop on foamex’s unassuming qualities, you now know what makes it a superhero material suited for thousands of applications. 


When you need a lightweight yet durable material that lends itself to endless customisation, foamex delivers on every front. 

It resists wear-and-tear over time, machines with ease, and provides a versatile print canvas. Whether for signage, construction, packaging or displays, this foam board’s vast potential waits to be unlocked. 

So next time you come across the understated foamex, remember there’s much more than meets the eye with this hidden gem.

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