The Most Common iPad Problems: A Basic Guide

Common iPad Problems
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Over the past decade or so, Apple has released dozens of iterations of the infamous iPad. However, this doesn’t mean that the devices stay issue-free throughout their lifespan. The iPad has the highest satisfaction rating in the tablet industry, with 83% of users commending their customer experience. Even with these high ratings, users still run into a handful of common issues. As a user, it’s important to troubleshoot these issues to get the most out of your tablet. Some common iPad problems can be more easier to fix. When repairing an iPad, keep in mind that you may need to resort to professional help. Even though these issues are usually easy fixes, they aren’t foolproof, and a professional may be better equipped to solve the problem.

Here are some tips and tricks to troubleshoot the issue and get your iPad running good as new. 

WiFi Isn’t Working

First, go to Settings > WiFi and confirm that WiFi capabilities are enabled. If this doesn’t work, update your iOS software by going into Settings > General > Software Update. If that fails, force the iPad to forget the network (which can be done in Settings > WiFi) and reconnect. 

If each method fails, there may be a problem with your router or the device itself.

iPad Won’t Charge 

The most common cause of this issue is that USB ports on older computers may not supply enough power. Try plugging the USB cord into an adapter and then into a wall outlet to fix the issue. If that doesn’t work, try getting a new cable and adapter.

iPad Is Not Turning On

If you’ve charged your device, but the battery is still dead, the iPad is refusing to take in power. In this case, perform a full reset by pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons and then the Power button.

Still not working? It may be time to call an expert. iPad repair services are an excellent investment to extend your product’s lifespan.

Screen Is Frozen

This is perhaps one of the most common issues users run into. iPad screen problems are usually caused by running excessive or conflicting apps or a corrupted memory file. 

First, try powering the device off and then restarting it. If the device doesn’t power off, attempt a force restart. You can do so by holding down both the Power and Home buttons for ten consecutive seconds. 

Newer iPads may not have a Home button. In this case, press and quickly release the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons (respectively), and then press and hold the Power button.

Apps Keep Crashing

First, try force quitting the app by double-pressing the Home button (on earlier models) or swiping up from the bottom of the screen (on later models).

If this doesn’t work, try uninstalling and re-installing the crashing app. You can do this by holding down on the app and clicking the “X” in the top right corner.

Seeking Device Repair for These Common iPad Problems

Have you tried everything on the above list and found you’re still experiencing iPad problems? If so, it may be time to see a professional repair person.

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