The New Face of Homeownership


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People purchase homes for many different reasons. Recently, there have been profound changes in the way owners use, improve, maintain, and enjoy their property. Gone are the days when young couples bought a small house and lived in it for decades before upgrading to a larger one. Today’s working adults are a varied bunch. Some remain in the same place for their entire lives, while others seem to be in a constant process of improving and reselling. Learn about the new faces of homeownership within this guide.

What does the new face of homeownership look like? One of the most significant changes is related to communities and neighborhoods, in which multiple homeowners share communal features like swimming pools and outdoor exercise equipment. Others invest in upgrading their properties with home lifts and added rooms. Sophisticated security systems and advanced solar panel arrays are two more examples of the latest trends among owners. Here are more details about some of the most transformative ways homeownership is changing in the 2020s.

Enhanced Security Systems and Solar Arrays

In the past decade, sales of solar panels and residential security systems have increased at a fast pace. Today, owners in all income brackets are opting for products like all-around surveillance cameras, smart locks, doorbell cameras, rooftop solar arrays, ground-mounted solar panels in private yards, and motion sensitive spotlights that prevent break-ins. The good news is that prices for all these items continue to come down as technology advances and competition in the marketplace increases.

Installing Home Lifts

Not long ago, residential lifts were a rarity. Today, they’re showing up as add-ons in older homes and standard features in many newlybuilt structures. Why are so many individuals exploring the idea of life changing home lifts when they decide to improve their living space? One reason is the safety factor that comes with not having to rely on steps to get from floor to floor. Other rationale includes the added beauty of a home lift and the obvious advantage for people who later sell their houses. A lift instantly makes a property unique and has the potential not only to boost resale values but also to make it easier to attract interested buyers.

Using Outdoor Gym Equipment

What’s the logical solution for those who don’t want to buy a bunch of pricey home gym equipment just to get a daily workout? For so many, the commonsense solution is robust outdoor gym equipment that’s accessibleand gives users the chance to enjoy the fresh air while exercising. Nowadays, just about anyone can benefit from outdoor gym equipment in multiple locations, like public parks, school grounds, common recreation areas, and more. For those who own homes, the advantages of this kind of equipment include saving money and having more living space.

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Community Swimming Pools

Ever since the downsizing trend began in earnest after the last housing bubble, which was in 2008, owners decided that the smartest way to access swimming pools was through homeowner associations. Slowly, most of the community groups that oversaw neighborhood housing developments began constructing more outdoor pools. Now, contrary to the old trend of affluent people installing private pools in their backyards, most of the more upscale areas feature communal swimming areas.

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