5 Things a Business Card Must Have

Business Card
Business Card

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A business card is undoubtedly one of the most basic tools utilized for marketing and networking purposes. It has been years and decades since business cards are used for sharing information.

Designing a business card is a task that needs to be given good thought. That is so because a business card often decides the first impression of your business when you share contact information. If you have a well-designed business card, then you leave a really good first impression inviting potential clients and customers.

We currently live in a world that is driven by technology that impacts the business world in every way. One such technology that has been around for a while now is digital business cards. Since the pandemic, every industry was forced to establish its presence online, and so we are in a time where most things are carried out online efficiently.

Talking about designing a business card, since digital business cards are out there available for limitless creativity, we will talk about designing a digital visiting card. In this article, we will talk about a few things a digital business card must-have. Let’s begin!

Contact Information

The very motive of a business card is to share contact information. It is true that a digital business card offers a wide range of options when it comes to designing or customizing it. However, for every business card, whether it is digital or traditional, it is important that it includes basic information.

If you design your business card with full creativity and miss out on the most basic information, then the card is as good as useless. So, the very first thing that your business card should have is adequate contact information through which your potential clients and customers can reach out to you.

When designing your business card, make sure you include the following as essential contact information:

  • Business Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Office Address (where applicable)

Logo & Tagline

As mentioned earlier, a business card’s main motive is to share information about your business. So, adding your logo and business tagline is one of the must add information while designing your business card.

Not only that but adding and placing your logo and tagline such that it is highlighted in a subtle yet obvious way is also very important. The logo of your business is something that is going to fetch the attention of the viewer and something by which people will remember your business.

So, when you add your logo, make sure that it is focused in a proper manner.

Talking about the tagline (if you have one), it is as important as your logo. Major brands are recognized by their logo and tagline, so it becomes important that you remember to place your tagline in an appropriate manner.

Images & Videos

One of the best advantages rendered by a digital business card is the amount of information that can be added and the level of creativity used. It is possible to add images on a paper card but to a limit. Whereas, in a digital business card, you can add a number of images and videos with no specific limit.

Since a business card is used to summarize your business, adding images and videos to describe what your business stands for is pretty useful. However, while adding images and videos, it is important to keep it subtle and professional.

Right Colors

A business card is supposedly used to create a good first impression, and for doing so, it is important that the card looks appealing. It is a human tendency to remember things that look good and attractive.

When you design your business card, make sure that you use the right colours and fonts that resonate with your business and logo. Do not choose colours that are too bright or dull, and make sure that the colours you choose leave an impact on the viewer.

Since it is a digital world, one of the important factors is social media. If your business has a presence on social media platforms, make sure you add links to your handles so that your audience can connect to you in more than one way.

Apart from that, if your business has a website, then make sure you add a link to your website as well. Doing so will increase traffic on your website and, at the same time, leave a substantial impact on the viewers’ minds.