Things you Need to Understand about High-Quality Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets

Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Unless you’re someone who doesn’t pine for gold plated shirts or diamond molded pants, then a leather jacket would doubtlessly be one of the most significant costly investments you may ever make for your closet. 

Investing in leather jackets is comparable to investing in one staple piece; no matter what, they’ll continuously stay by your side. And if only you manage to splash out a good one, who knows your grandchildren will end up wearing it one day. 

Without any exception, a leather jacket looks essentially dazzling when one sets it around with literally anything. This ideal piece of craftsmanship depicts extraordinary versatility that undoubtedly only a few clothing garments can illustrate. 

However, not everybody is familiar with choosing and picking out the most delicate leather jacket. 

While having numerous options readily available in the market, it can prove troublesome for a person to select his viable pick. 

Thus, underneath, we have tried to tackle one of the critical sartorial topics by providing you with a list of things to be aware of before getting your hands on a premium leather jacket.

Leather Quality 

Considering the quality of leather you are opting for, is a necessary factor that one can’t skip.  

Just like the custom denim jackets, leather jackets comprise a standard of their own. And finding one that profoundly fulfills your styling needs can prove to be a daunting task for people out there. 

It isn’t indispensable that a leather jacket that portrays appealing vibes would fulfill your needs and requirements to the fullest. 

As far as our experts have managed to find out, leather jackets are mainly sold out in either thick or thin quality. 

The thick quality happens to provide long-lasting durability, which thin quality isn’t capable enough to provide. However, one might need to spend some extra dollars to get his hand on a thick leather jacket. 

Having said that, the more enhanced quality a leather jacket will come with, the more long-lasting durability you would be receiving. Hence, this is the call that you need to make wisely! 

Checking out the texture pattern of the leather 

Still not sure whether the leather your jacket comprises is genuine or not? Then we surely have got you covered. 

Faux leather is a leather copy that happens to be chemically synthesized and manufactured in a machine. Therefore, as a result, it comes out with an asymmetrical texture pattern. 

On the other side, a leather that tends to be original would indeed have a unique and uneven texture pattern, that too with single-piece variations. 

In addition to this, a leather that confesses to being genuine would look somewhat distressed and will be grainy. And having a vast quantity of grain means that jacket is made up of natural products, which gives surety of its authenticity.

This is why it’s preferred to check out the texture pattern of the jacket that you are about to buy to avoid any type of inconvenience in the future. 

Testing leather jackets. 

Are you aware of the fact that leather carries its unique quality against water? Not yet? Then we indeed have something interesting to tell you. 

Genuine leather is made up of natural products, so it consists of tiny pores in its design. 

If you only drop one or two drops of water on a genuine leather jacket, these pores would immediately absorb the water and create a dark patch. This patch will only be removed once the water you drop evaporates. 

However, if you drop water on a leather jacket and the water drops remain at the surface, then you can guess that this leather jacket has synthetic leather within its built. 

With that being said, what can prove to be a more profound way to differentiate between real and fake leather better than this tip here? 

Determining the weight of leather jackets. 

Not sure that you would be able to pull off the tip mentioned above correctly? Then you don’t have to worry, as we have got you another accessible information here. 

By simply determining the weight between two leather jackets, one can easily declare one of them to be authentic. How? 

A leather jacket that is textured with natural leather, such as lambskin or cowhide, happens to be heavier than a leather jacket that comprises a build of synthetic leather. 

This is why it’s preferred that while shopping in the market to get your hands on the best pick, you should keep lifting various leather jackets there. By this, one should surely be able to distinguish between the authentic and optimized leather versions.

Price tag  

Here comes the part which we believe that you all must be waiting for! 

Most people don’t give importance to the price tag of products. All they crave is to get their hands on their favorite product, which can be availed with a minimum amount of money. 

However, this strictly isn’t the case when you are in search of a high-quality leather jacket. 

Per our experts’ experience, a jacket made up of genuine leather costs people 2x more than a jacket made up of synthetic material. 

If you ever find someone selling you a leather jacket for a much lower price, you can figure out that the leather jacket wouldn’t be genuine. 

Keeping things straight, the more high-quality material was used in manufacturing your jacket, the more money you might have to spend on it! 

Yet, this is another best way to restrain yourself from being a target of fraud. 

Final words

Leather jackets were first introduced in the modern age. However, this is yet one of those fabrics that haven’t gone outdated, and nor will it ever be. 

And having said that, by going through the information we had provided you above, you can now think of yourself to be someone who is equipped with all the essential information about leather jackets. 

Now, what more information do you possibly want? Get a leather jacket for yourself now!