5 Tips for Finding a Church

Finding a Church

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Are you stuck in your search for a church? Maybe you’re new to the faith, or you’ve been forced to attend church online because of the pandemic. The idea of “church shopping” may seem a little strange, given that historically speaking, you’d just attend the church closest to your home because it’s your local “community church”. But in a world where our homes are treated more like hotels—places to sleep and eat—people want are looking further afield when finding a church.

If you want to find out some great tips to help you find a church, keep reading.

1. Get to Know People

A church by biblical definition isn’t a building where people worship God. The church is “the gathering of believers”, so by meeting with other believers, you’re at church!

Sure, the best place to meet other believers is at a physical church gathering, but by simply getting to know people in your community, you might find other Christians and as you get to know them, you’ll find out where they attend church and what they think of it.

2. Do Some Research

The pandemic has forced even the most technophobic churches online. This has been fantastic for the church at large, as it has made it accessible to anyone, anywhere.

It’s also great because it means you can find out a lot about a church just by visiting the website or browsing their social media channels. Things to look out for online are core beliefs and a doctrinal statement. The very existence of these things on a website shows that it has the qualities of a good church.

3. Visit

While you’ll find plenty of information online, you won’t really get the “vibe” of a church until you visit some Sunday services.

While church is less about you and more about God—His worship, praise, and thanksgiving—it’s still important that you find somewhere that’s engaging, challenging, and of course, biblical!

4. Go for the Right Reasons

There are loads of reasons why you might go to church. For lots of us, we might even admit that we went along as teenagers because it’s where our crush went!

But to really find a church that feels like home, and for it to become a place that you can see yourself staying for the long term, you need to be there for the right reasons;

  • fellowship with other believers
  • a place where you can meet with God
  • a place that will grow you in your faith
  • somewhere that you can serve and outwork your faith

If you find somewhere that ticks these boxes, it’s a great sign that it’ll soon feel like home.

5. Pray

We’re saving the most important point until last. Christians believe in a God who speaks, who calls, and who has an interest in your life. Yes, even the small details like what church to attend!

Pray about it. Ask God to open the right doors and close the wrong ones. Trust Him in the process and have an open mind, and you’ll surely find somewhere that you can belong.

Finding a Church Shouldn’t Be Stressful

If you’ve been letting the concept of finding a church get on top of you a little, it’s time to take a step back from it all and try not to stress yourself out.

With a little research and a lot of prayer, you’ll find the perfect church for you.

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