Digital water flowmeter: Tips to follow when investing in Mass Flow Meter

Water flowmeter: Tips when investing in Mass Flow Meter

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Selecting gas flow meter or mass flow meter device can be a complicated task especially for first time shoppers. It does require you to have some basic knowledge about the items that you plan to measure using the device. Using gauges, it is possible to quantify both liquid and gas. It helps compute flow rate at litres per second or kilograms per second. 

This is concerning the material density. It is equally important to understand that every device is different. For example, the same meter cannot be used for both potable water and wastewater plant. However, it is crucial to select the perfect fitting one. This is possible by following certain tips. 

Prepare checklist

The very first aspect that you need to consider before you search for a good gas flow meter is what material you plan to measure. Will it be gas or solid or perhaps both! In such a case, what is the kind of gas or liquid that you need to work with on a regular basis? 

Is the gas or liquid clean or dirty? Is the information to be processed remotely or manually? What to know about the plant as well as the material’s temperature conditions? Are they cold or hot? Trying to measure hot water will probably require a good gauge to compensate temperature change to derive accurate reading. The checklist is to be incorporated with the following aspects like:

  • Conductive & corrosive properties
  • Liquid viscosity
  • Piping type
  • Toxicity, if applicable

If you are to deal with gases, then it becomes important to jot down if it is clean, combustible, toxic, corrosive or wet. 

At portals like, you can easily get to choose from different types of water or mass meter devices. They include energy, differential pressure, coriolis, optical, open channel, magnetic, massive displacement, optical, turbine, thermal, vortex, variable area and ultrasonic. Each meter device is said to have its own pros and cons, something that you need to research about and be aware of before making the final decision to buy. 

Saving on costs

There is certain cost involved in the process to list down plant specifications. This is if the manpower hours are to be taken into consideration alone. Also is necessary to identify the perfect technology to fit your specific needs. Estimations made are likely to place the expenses to be borne to be around 30% to 40% of total sales cost. 

You can check out reputed reliable configuration processes to determine which mass meter device will serve your specific plant needs. On deriving the suggested product, it becomes possible to research on technical information over the web about Paperless Recorder or other meter devices. Also, you may enquire the installing engineer to offer proper explanation on the features offered in the device. 

Several manufacturers do offer various types and models of meter devices including digital water flowmeter. But then, you need to compare the quality, features offered and its industry uses. Also find out what kind of benefits can the devices offer based on which you can make the right selection.

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