Top Cake Trends in 2021 That Will Win Everyone’s Heart.

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Cakes are made forever and would never be out of trend. Just as fashion, the field of baking is also often extensively influenced by emerging trends that take the place of the age-old ones with the demand of the time. They are usually a newer version of the same old recipe with certain changes in their overall outlook. Most people get tired of a given dessert recipe after trying it for a few years and start looking for something, especially new and unique. 

To satiate this need of people, Greenwich vegan bakery keeps on coming up with new and delectable desserts. Professional bakers are constantly working on new and tasty dessert recipes that would add an extra layer of joy to almost all types of celebratory occasions, regardless of their nature. We, the Indians, are always looking for more ways to mark the special event in our life in style. They are positively looking for something good to happen in their everyday life and so the future of the baking industry is also predicted to be much brighter than it is today in the near future. Confections in cheerfully bright colors are expected to hit the market in just a few days. Here in this article, we are going to discuss some prominent happy birthday cake trends in 2021.

Pressed Flower Cakes:

The confections that are featured with edible blossoms for decoration have hit the market somewhere in 2020 and are strongly expected to occupy a top position in the list of trendy cakes with a few twists and turns in 2021. They are famous for being a perfect combination of exquisite creation and detailing that makes them the most preferred choice of everyone. These desserts have already started to make their way to various annual festivities in addition to being enjoyed by dessert lovers from all the age groups. You would be able to find them in a wide range of colors, designs, patterns and flavors to choose from well within budget in just a few days. 

Although they specially prepared for weddings, today they have extended their range to other events as well. They are usually topped with real flowers that can be easily consumed. These desserts are the first choice of cake lovers from all the age groups during a garden wedding of any size and type. They go especially well with a buttercream cake. You can easily buy cakes online of this segment from a reputable bakery website at a reasonable price.

Straight down the lining concept is back in trend among desserts as it was never outdated. Cakes of this type have based on this theory that has helped them in a great way to hit the trend. They are simple and classical with an elegant touch of modernity.

Online cakes are mostly contemporary, chic and virtually appealing that makes them much superior to the ones available at physical stores.


Did you know that cupcakes are a cost effective alternative to the traditional full sized desserts? This is a perfect pick for those who are thinking about organizing a small and simple wedding. The reason behind their increased popularity is that confections of this kind are proven to be much healthier than the traditional variants as they are free from added carbohydrates, fat, sugar content and other harmful substances that may often affect your health in various ways.

Monograms have gradually become a prominent trend in wedding cakes. Earlier it was restricted to only personal items. They are usually made by including the initials of the recipient’s name in the cake top

Metallic Wedding Cake:

These have hit the trend somewhere in 2014 and are extremely popular even today. The valuable center piece of a reception function can be paired with a touch a precious metal of your choice. Such confections would never be outdated. Moreover, mini cakes are the right choice for all the people whom the elaborate or tiered ones do not appeal much. These work especially well for all those people, who are not expecting many people to be present at their special occasions, yet they want to give a try to something creative.

Have a look at all the dessert trends before finally deciding to send through online cake delivery in Mumbai.

Hope you have got to know about the latest cake trends in 2021 from the above-mentioned points.

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