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When it comes to home decoration, floors are most ignored. It is often assumed that replacing the entire flooring or renovating them can be very expensive unlike painting the walls, replacing furniture, or adding accessories. Hence it is also the most ignored but what we don’t realize is that flooring can change the overall look of your house. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before selecting a type of floorings such as maintenance, budget, and in the end the look and feel of Direct Flooring Outlet.

Direct Flooring Outlet has expert installers and makes sure that the flooring gives the property a warm, welcoming, and elegant look. There are a variety of options when it comes to Timber flooring in Adelaide such as softwood, engineering flooring, and hardwood. Another thing that you need to consider is where the floor is being installed. You have to properly evaluate if the floor will be in a dry, semi-wet, or wet location and how the tiles can hold up in such circumstances. 

Here are some of the flooring types to jazz up your room:

Hardwood flooring

Flooring can be best chosen based on the tone of the room, if your room has neutral tone hardwood is best suited for you. You just have to find a fine craftsman, who would be able to transform your old living room into great patterns and fancy inlays. This type of flooring is extremely long-lasting as it can be refinished many times to remove scratches. You can add dark blinds and wood furniture to compliment your hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring also increases the resale value of the house. Direct Flooring Outlet has an amazing option for hardwood flooring. 

Marble flooring

This is the shiniest type of flooring available and it also spreads the shine to the room. It offers ageless beauty, is long-lasting, and is easy to clean. You can experiment with different patterns and finishes to create a luxury setting for your room. It is durable, eco-friendly, and there are lots of options to choose from. It gives a high-end finish. 

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is an extremely tough material that can withstand both tough weather conditions and heavy foot traffic. It is durable and cheap. It is very comfortable to walk on. Lots of printing techniques are introduced to achieve realistic 3D looks on the floors. As it is thicker than the original tiles, it keeps your feet warm.

Tiles flooring

It is one of the best flooring options available out there. It offers versatile options and is also pocket friendly. Since tiles come in many shapes and colors, it fits any interior. 


The right flooring can change the entire scenario of your room and you shouldn’t shy away from choosing the dream interior for your room. Each type of flooring comes with some limitations and disadvantages, so what’s elegant for one room can be extremely terrible for another room. The above points should help you choose the right flooring for your house. 

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