Traditional Style to Modern: How Garage Doors Have Evolved

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Few things add function and style to your home like a well-built garage door.

Garage doors today make up a $372 million market size.

Modern garage doors can accommodate you anytime you’re looking to protect your car and secure your house. It’s a form of technology that has evolved over the years, and homeowners all over are the benefactor.

Knowing how this technology has changed will help you when you’re shopping for a door of your own.

Here are some tips that you should know about the way traditional style garage doors have evolved.

Remote Technology Has Revolutionized Traditional Style Garage Doors

Today, remote technology has played arguably the biggest role in the evolution of garage doors.

They’ve improved upon old-fashioned manual doors, allowing people to lift and close their doors with the push of a button. Instead of having to get out of your vehicle to lift and close the door, you can now hit a button from several feet away to access the door.

Remote technology is now standard on all doors and will allow you to get the best from your use of it.

Manufacturers Are Now Making Metal Doors

There are plenty of designer doors made from various types of aluminum, steel, and other metals. These doors are heavy-duty and can protect your home in the event of any inclement weather or security issues.

Since this is the largest entry point to your home, it’s only right that you make it as secure as possible.

Many Doors Today Are Sectional

Instead of your door being one solid unit, they’re often built in sections today. This allows the door to fold and flex as it’s lifted and lowered.

Having a door that is built in sections also makes it easier to get repairs, since you can change out parts without having to replace the entire door.

Doors Include Window Panes

Today, many doors also serve as a source of natural lighting. Carriage doors often come with window panes that allow sunshine and fresh air to come in.

These window panes are often split into multiple sections. For instance, many garage doors come with four small windows, rather than one large window unit.

Make sure to learn what type of glass or plastic the windows are crafted from when you buy your door. You may need a certain type if you live somewhere that is subject to storms or heavy wind.

Find a garage door professional in your service area who can help you with anything that you need.

Get the Garage Door Work That You Need

The tips above explain how traditional style garage doors have evolved over the years. Once you know what kind of garage door needs you have, it’s time to touch base with a licensed and insured professional who can handle the work for you.

Come up with a budget and shop around for the best garage door technology.

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