Understanding Mobile Application Development Frameworks.

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We know that you have been wondering what developers use in developing software all such as mobile application that eases your life.

Behind the scene of great mobile applications, there are a number of frameworks used in developing the mobile applications, Defining Mobile App Development Framework

Mobile app development framework refers to a collection of tools that are used by mobile application developers to develop mobile apps. Using mobile application development framework reduces time of development hence reducing the cost of developing mobile applications.

Factors to consider when choosing mobile application development framework to be used in developing your mobile application.

Factors to consider when choosing Mobile App Development Framework

Major things we ask include

  • Which framework should I use? Which mobile application development framework is the best?
  • Which mobile application UI framework fit my need?
  • How should I decide the framework to use in development?
  • Which framework will help me implement the mobile application development within a short time?

As the technology keep advancing, mobile application development frameworks keeps emerging, and this make it hard to select the mobile application development framework to be used in developing your app. We are writing this article to help you understand the frameworks.

We will take you through the top mobile application development frameworks, which eases development of mobile applications:

1. Swiftic

Swiftic is a framework used for development of mobile applications for iOS platform. It is characterized by its easily navigable interfaces.

Significant features include:
  • Amazing capabilities like the push notifications
  • Allow In-app coupons
  • Menu and its Ordering is easy while using Swiftic
  • App Publication Assistance on Swiftic
  • Allows seamless Third-party integration

2. Native Scripts

Native Scripts –

it is an open-source framework that is used in developing native mobile applications. It is used along side JavaScript, CSS, and Vue.js, Angular, Typescript, 

Native Script is the most preferred framework that reduces the code and the time taken by the mobile app to loads on the system.

Native Scripts features include:

  • Supports both Android & iOS APIs
  • Cross-platform framework for developing mobile applications
  • It supports robust backend
  • Native user interface without WebViews

3. React Native

React Native is one of the best and most preffered JavaScript library used in development of native applications for all devices and across platforms. React Native help you develop powerful mobile applications for both iOS and Android. React allows you to create platform-specific versions of various components allowing easy using of single codebase across various multiple platforms. 

React Native features include:
  • It has Low-code
  • Declarative API for predictive UI

It is hybrid in that it supports both iOS and Android

  • React Native is compatible with third-party plugins

Flutter – This is a UI toolkit by Google that is used in development of cross platform mobile applications. It is featured with customized widgets that support development of the native mobile applications within a short time. Flutter has a layered architecture that ensures that components are rendered faster. 

Flutter features are:

  • It has in built material design
  • Flutter has in built Cupertino
  • Rich motion APIs
  • Cross platforms i.e it supports both iOS & Android
  • Flutter produces high-performance mobile applications

This  is one of the top rated mobile application framework used in developing  quality mobile applications . Xamarin is Net based. Microsoft first introduced this native platform. The framework is cross-platform and it is also open source application

Xamarin features are:

  • Has a large community of contributors.
  • It has a versatile backend infrastructure

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