Use Barcodes for your Retail Business Success

Barcode labels

Last Updated on January 8, 2022 by binkhalid

Offer your products in local stores or online via popular sales portals? Then as a serious businessman or modern businesswoman you can no longer avoid marking your sales items with a barcode! You can find out here how such a barcode actually works and how you can quickly and easily create the practical coding yourself.

The barcode – a real success story!

In the supermarket, in the bookstore, in the furniture store, you will come across the small barcodes, which are also known as barcodes, everywhere. The areas of application for the black-and-white coding are diverse, besides for quickly reading out the article name and the price at the checkout, these have also become very important for the automation, optimization, monitoring and tracking of company processes, among other things.

For every manufacturer and retailer of products, sooner or later the situation arises in which one is confronted with the topic of “EAN for the trade” for the first time. Few of them have ever dealt with the topic of “using barcodes” before. Barcode is the partner at your side for alternative EAN and barcode products. A complete package does not necessarily have to be booked from other providers. Anyone can buy a single EAN with a one-time payment and is then the legal owner. Also originally,  UPC barcodes for Amazon can be generated online.

What exactly is a barcode?

A barcode consists of printed narrow bars with gaps in between, a barcode scanner can then read the information stored in it very conveniently. The most famous barcode is the so-called EAN code. The EAN, the abbreviation for European Article Number, is primarily used for commercial products such as clothing, stationery and food. In 2009 the 13-digit EAN was officially renamed Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), but the old name is still on everyone’s lips.

All important information is stored in the EAN using numbers. Overall, the EAN code is divided into four components. The first to third number in the first part stands for the respective country code, in the second part the fourth to ninth number stands for a company number assigned by a service provider, and the eighth to twelfth position is the article number that the company has assigned. Finally, in the thirteenth position, there is a check digit for a formal check of the EAN for correctness. 

Create and use your own barcodes

Are you an independent service provider or dealer or in the process of establishing? In your company, too, the use of barcodes is certainly recommended in many areas, because they save you a lot of working time. The user-defined barcodes make it easy for you to monitor your products from goods receipt to dispatch. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a technical expert to create your own barcodes. The implementation of your own coding is done in a flash with buy UPC barcode. Simply enter your personal email address and the desired text or data that you need on your barcode in the corresponding text field. The generator creates the appropriate barcode for you and sends it to you free of charge by email.