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Are you wondering how to download Instagram Reels? One of the most appealing features of the viral social media app is the ability to save your favorite memes, recipes, dances, and other content to your smartphone’s camera roll or gallery.

You can quickly store and share clips if you know how to download Instagram Reels. That way, if you want to watch a video again, you can. You’ll be glad to have your saved videos available whether you’re attempting to learn new moves, recall ingredients, or simply revisit something of interest to you.

Instagram creators have the option of allowing other users to download their videos. That implies that not every Instagram Reel you come across can be saved to your smartphone’s camera roll. If you come into an Instagram Reel that doesn’t allow you to save it, remember that you can always refer to our article on how to screen record for both iOS and Android.

However, in our experience, the majority of Instagram Reels are free to download. Follow the instructions below to learn how to download Instagram Reels and begin storing your favorite video content right away.

1. It’s ideal for when you’re feeling sad.

When I’m depressed, stressed, or just need to get my mind off of things, Instagram is always there to make me chuckle. People reenacting record covers or telling humiliating experiences have kept me engaged for hours. People are always amusing and never fail to make me grin.

2. It’s a platform for gifted artists and creators to showcase their work.

On Instagram, I’ve seen so many incredible artists! There are some amazingly brilliant singers who perform Broadway soundtrack clips, actors who do awesome POV videos, and visual artists who create stunning video pieces. Personally, I love the acrylic pour tutorials and the iPad lettering videos!

3. It brings people together who have similar experiences.

Instagram reveals what individuals have in common, whether it’s a trivial opinion on books or TV characters or a serious, life-changing incident. I enjoy hearing about people’s favorite Seinfeld characters or quirky quirks that everyone seems to have but never talks about. I’ve also seen many individuals utilize Instagram to bring attention to critical problems, such as films about equal rights and gender.

Downloading Instagram Reels

It’s easy to download Instagram videos, however, if you want to download Insta reels, that’s another story. You can try using your smartphone to record Reels while they are playing but this doesn’t result in the best quality. You might also attempt installing an unverified external program, but this is not recommended because it can be harmful to your data and device.

As a result, we only recommend that people use web-based video downloaders, which do not require any software installation and typically do not cost anything. We came up with our two top picks after conducting research on the top Reel video downloaders.

Instagram Reels video download online

1. Instaoffline

Instagram Reels video download online

The first tool that we found useful was the Reels video downloader by Instaoffline. This tool is very easy to use on both mobile phones and computers. Instaoffline also has options to download photos, IGTV, and videos. It’s free to use and no user registration is required.

2. IGDownloader

IGDownloader is the preferred Reels downloader in our books as it provides a seamless user experience that makes it easy to download Instagram Reel videos. To use IGDownloader all you need is a working internet connection and either a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Like Instaoffline, IGDownloader has options to download Instagram videos, photos, and private content. Best of all there are no annoying advertisements.

3. W3Toys Reels Downloader

W3Toys Reels Downloader is another popular yet useful tool that works as an online medium that offers Instagram reels downloader services. You can instantly download the reels from Instagram social media network using the online medium W3Toys. The process is very simple as well as the downloading speed is quicker than other similar online medium websites.

W3Toys not only offers Instagram reels downloader services but also, with the help of the website, you can instantly download photos and videos other than reels from Instagram and store the videos or photos to your camera roll to see later. You can seamlessly use the photos, videos and reels to keep it on your status and stories.

There are only just four steps involved with W3Toys to download your favorite reels from the Instagram social network app. So, probably, you can get your favorite IG reels downloaded to your device in just a couple of seconds.

Steps to download Insta Reels

The steps for downloading Instagram Reels are the same for both the Android and iOS versions of the social media app. These steps work for both of the online downloaders that are mentioned above.

1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device and search for a Reel to download.

2. Tap the arrow icon in the lower right corner of your screen, just below the comments and “likes” buttons.

3. Click “copy Reel link” and navigate to the Instagram Reel Downloader.

4. Paste the video link into the text box and hit enter.

5. Hit the download when it appears.

Your downloaded Instagram Reel should now be visible in the camera roll of your smartphone.

Final thoughts

While Instagram doesn’t make downloading Reels easy, it can still be done. By using the online Instagram Reels video downloading tools outlined in this article you can start backing up Reels today. Remember to bookmark this article so you can reference it later and please share it with your friends and family.

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