Best Video Repair Tools to Fix Corrupt Video Files

Best Video Repair Tools to Fix Corrupt Video Files

Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Saira Farman

Sometimes when we try to play videos on our computers, our preferred video player shows errors such as “inaccessible video,” “video file is broken,” “incompatible codec,” “cannot access the file,” or something similar. You should know that the basic problem for such errors could be that your video file is corrupted or severely damaged. 

There can be different reasons behind such video file damage, and it can happen with any video on any device. So what is the best way to overcome this issue? Using a reliable and competent video repair tool, of course! 

An automated video repair tool works as the best solution to fix corrupt videos since it gets to the root of the problem and solves it right there. In this article, we have shared a list of the best video repair tools currently available. This will help you understand all possible aspects before choosing the one best suited to your needs. But before heading to these amazing tools, let’s begin the discussion by understanding the reasons behind video file corruption.

Most common reasons for video file corruption

Interrupted video transfer or download

A video file can get corrupted if, while transferring it from another device or downloading it from the internet, the process gets interrupted. This can happen due to unexpected occurrences, such as pausing the download many times, poor internet connection, etc.

Faulty video file conversion

When trying to convert a video file from one format to another, problems like incompatibility with a third-party converter can lead to the video file becoming corrupted.

System crash

If your computer’s operating system crashed when you were editing or watching the video, it could also damage the data in the file.

Improper system shutdown

If you’re playing a video on your computer and it gets shut down improperly, like a sudden power loss, it could corrupt the video file.

Virus or malware attack 

If your device is infected with a virus, there is a high possibility that your video files can get corrupted.

And now, let’s move on to discover the top 3 video repair tools to repair corrupt videos.

Best video repair tools

You can choose the most suitable video repair tool for yourself from the best tools given below.

Stellar Repair for Video

Stellar Repair for Video is a simple yet highly effective tool to fix any type of corruption in video files. Its seamless user interface gives a proper preview of the repaired video files before enabling you to save them. The software can repair severely corrupt video files in batches by using a sample video both on Windows and Mac computers, and this feature saves quite a lot of time and energy. 

Stellar Repair for Video

Having the capability to repair 17+ popular video formats such as MP4, MOV, M4V, 3GP, FLV, etc., the software can work with videos from various devices. It can automatically detect if the video file is extremely damaged and give you the option to perform “Advanced Repair.” That being said, the tool can battle almost any video corruption scenario that you can think of.

Highlights of the tool:

  • It can repair videos stored on any storage device, be it an HDD, SSD, or external devices such as USB, flash drives, SD cards, etc.
  • Very simple and friendly user interface
  • Performs batch video repair in one click
  • Advanced Repair option for severely corrupted videos
  • Supports multiple storage devices and video file formats


The pricing for Stellar Repair for Video starts at $49.99.

Remo Video Repair

Remo Video Repair is another advanced video repair solution designed with a read-only mode interface to safely repair corrupt video files without changing their original content. It is a self-explanatory tool that can fix files damaged due to various video corruption scenarios, such as malware infection, editing flaws, audio-video sync issues, black screen, codec issues, no sound, etc. This tool can repair video files recorded on any camera, camcorder or mobile phone.

Remo Video Repair

Remo Video Repair supports MOV, MP4, AVI, DIVX, and XVID video file formats stored on an HDD, SSD, or SD card. It has a very simple and easy-to-use interface that works smoothly on both Windows and Mac.


  • Very easy to use and friendly user interface
  • It offers a free preview of repaired files
  • It can easily repair severely damaged 4k videos
  • Supports almost every video recording device


  • Does not support batch video repairing
  • Supports limited video file formats
  • Needs a reference file for every video that needs to be repaired


The costing for this tool is $99.97.

Recoverit Video Repair

Recoverit Video Repair is an excellent tool from Wondershare that works reliably for both Windows and Mac users. It can repair 12 types of video file formats that have become corrupted due to any reason. This tool easily restores data of corrupted MP4, MOV, M4V, M2TS, MKV, MTS, FLV, DIVX, MJPEG, 3G2, 3GP, and MPEG file formats stored on any device, such as hard drives, pen drives, SSD, SD cards, etc.

Recoverit Video Repair

Recoverit provides a free preview of repaired files and supports batch video repairing. It can easily detect if a video file is severely corrupt and give you the option of “Advanced Repair” to fix it. 


  • Supports all the major video formats
  • Provides a free preview of repaired files
  • Can repair severely damaged video files
  • Batch video repairing for any file format


  • The user interface is not so simple and friendly
  • The free version doesn’t allow saving repaired files


Pricing for Recoverit starts at $39.95.

In Conclusion

Video file corruption is a common occurrence that can happen for several reasons, some of which have been discussed in this article. Each of the solutions described above is the best in its arena, and possesses unique pros and cons. You can try these tools for free before buying a video repair tool to fix corrupted videos files. 

Remember, even though fixing corrupt videos is the priority when selecting a video repair tool, you shouldn’t overlook other important aspects of the software, like the safety of the video, ease of repair, repair speed, and technical assistance from the sellers, before making your pick.

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