Watch Out: 4 Signs of Carpenter Ants

Watch Out: 4 Signs of Carpenter Ants

Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Are you worried that your home has some uninvited guests? These tiny non-paying roommates can be a huge problem! We’re talking about carpenter ants.

While these ants are small, they’re still one of the larger breeds and they can cause a lot of damage. Carpenter ants in your house could be devastating if you don’t take care of them fast.

But what are the common signs of carpenter ants that you should be looking for? We’re here to talk about it. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Quiet Rustling Noises

When your home is supposed to be silent, do you ever hear a faint rustling noise inside your walls? There are several potential causes for this, like the home settling or pipes passing water, but it might also mean that you have pests lurking between your rooms.

Carpenter ants are quiet, but you can hear them when you have a full infestation. Any bugs en masse are going to make noise.

While it’s not a sure sign that you have pesky six-legged roommates, it’s a good idea to start looking for more signs once you hear it.

2. Random Wood Shavings

How much wood do you have in your home? Have you ever noticed small piles of wood shaving that look like sawdust underneath wood areas or baseboards?

Carpenter ants, as the name implies, burrow through the wood. Behind their burrowing, they leave a trail of shavings. These shavings will pile up and become noticeable if you pay close enough attention.

During your next weekly cleaning session, pay close attention to any area that has wood, like doorframes, windowsills, and baseboards. If something is amiss, it’s time to call a pest control company, like this pest control company in Turlock, to check it out.

3. Shed Wings

Did you know that carpenter ants have wings? Only the swarmers have wings, but they’re the ants that you’re going to see most often as they go on their routes throughout your home.

You’re less likely to see a large number of ants than you are to see shed wings. These wings are small and pale, making them hard to see, so pay attention when you’re sweeping the floor or wiping your countertops.

One or two shed wings are no big deal, but if you notice many of them, it’s time to call for help.

4. Larger Ants

So how do you know if you have carpenter ants vs black ants (which are far more common)? Black ants, while annoying, aren’t going to cause much damage. Carpenter ants require a faster response.

Aside from the wings, the most obvious difference between these ants is that carpenter ants are large. They’re more than three times larger than standard black ants that aren’t queens!

So if you see random large ants in your house, you might have carpenter ants.

Look for These Signs of Carpenter Ants

If you notice any of these signs of carpenter ants in your home, call for professional help right away. These pesky creatures can cause serious damage if you don’t catch them early on. Evict those unwanted roommates as soon as possible!

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