Ways To Fight The Hot Summer Days.

Hot Summer Days

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Summer is almost here. We are going to face the days that will make us want the summer to end soon. But no matter how hard we plead, summer is not going anywhere sooner. Summer is an enjoyable season but not when it is all about sweat and the chilling heat on our face. This is not what we signed for. But now that we are coming close to the hot summer days, we can opt for some ways that will help us to fight the days and make it easy for us to make it to the end of the season.

Below are simple ways to make it easy to survive the hot summer days:

Be hydrated:

The most important thing on summer days is to be hydrated at every hour of the day. Keeping yourself hydrated does not mean having to put galleons of water down your throat. Every liquid that you consume the whole day will keep you hydrated. But on summer days it is better to replace all the other drinks with water. You might add some lime and mint to it but consume less sugary drinks.

Eat fruits:

Any seasonal fruit is good for you. In summers, you can have access to juicy fruits. Consuming them will not only make you hydrated, but you can also replace one of your meals with a fruit bowl so that your body can consume less protein. Protein in the summer season is not a good option for your body.

Wear appropriate clothes:

Cotton clothes are best friends with the summer season. Wearing cotton clothes is the best option to wear on hot days as they will help to observe sweat, and your body will get oxygen easily. Wearing light shades of color will also help as they do not absorb much heat, which will keep your body cool. 

Ceiling fans:

Use ceiling fans that will help to take out the hot air from the room by adjusting them to rotate counter-clockwise. Along with your air conditioners, it is important that you use your ceiling fans to cool down the temperature in the room. Ceiling fans will help to take out the air that will eventually turn hot because of the temperature outside. All you have to do is change the direction of their rotation from clockwise to counter-clockwise, and you can go back to the previous settings in the winter season. 

Use blinds:

You really don’t want to give any chance to heat to come inside your home at any cost. You will keep the doors and windows close while the air conditioner is running, but along with that, use blinds and curtains to block the heat that enters your home. Keep the blinds and curtains close in the afternoon when the temperature is the highest outside.

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