5 Ways To Look After Your Car When Travelling


Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Umer Malik

If you have plans to go on a great adventure in your car in the near future, you have to read this article. Travelling with your vehicle is not as straightforward as you may think.

There are elements to factor in and variables to consider first because the idea is for you to both come back in one piece. Hitting the open road in your car gives you a new sense of freedom and independence. Keeping safe on your adventure and saving money can be easy if you follow the five tips below.

Check Your Tires

Damaged tires are no fun at all. They are dangerous and put you and your passengers at risk. If you have ever been on the road when one of your tires has burst, then you’ll know that it’s not an experience to want to repeat anytime soon.

During your travels, make it part of your routine to check the air pressure in your wheels regularly. Check your spare and ensure that it is in usable condition if you need it, and clean and repack the necessary equipment to change it before you leave.

Keep It Clean

When you go on a road trip, you tend to treat your car a little badly – a thunderstorm here and a mud puddle there, and the next thing you know your sweet little vehicle is covered in dirt and bird poo. Especially when traveling in Bali.

 Not sure how the bird poo gets there, but it somehow always does.

The thing about dirt and doo-doo is that it doesn’t just look bad, it’s pretty terrible for your paint job too. Take fifteen minutes out of your trip once or twice a week and get your car washed and waxed.

Don’t forget about the interiors either, clean it out nicely and get it vacuumed and refreshed every week or so.

Get Insurance Coverage

Travelers’ auto insurance costs might surprise you. Auto insurance sometimes gets an unfair reputation for being expensive and not worth the effort. That couldn’t be further from the truth with this company and its long history in the market.

Auto insurance is a must-have for any road trip, no matter how near or far your destination ends up being. With the right coverage, you can even take your wheels abroad with you – just make sure you get your policy documents in order so you can refer to them as often as you need to.

Get New Wipers

Windshield wipers may go largely unnoticed in your day-to-day life, but trust this tip – when you’re stuck in torrential rains or a sudden massive storm, you’ll be so grateful that you have new ones.

Wiper blades, or weep screepers (because of the sound they make) need to be replaced every six months or so during the rainy seasons. Get your checked and see if they need replacing – the rubber does tend to perish faster when your car is out in the open during travels.

Have It Serviced

That may be a simple tip, but you would be shocked at how many people begin their long journeys without checking anything in their cars – which is total madness and a recipe for disaster.

Have your car serviced and ensure it is in good working order before you start your journey. The number one rule for traveling in your car – is to be safe rather than sorry.

Enjoy your trip, and here’s to you having the best time humanly possible!

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