What Do I Do if I Want to Learn Italian?

What Do I Do if I Want to Learn Italian?

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Did you know that there are around 85 million Italian speakers throughout the globe? Or that in 2022, it’s the 4th most studied language?

If not, fear not. Be excited because a high demand of people studying the language shows now is the right time to learn the language!

“You can then order lunch for friends in Italy or start speaking to that friendly person across the bar. But first, you need to learn the Italian language. There are many ways to do so, but what is the best?”

Keep reading until the end to find out! And learn an expert tip that will help you if you’re struggling!

Download Language Learning Apps

We live in a world full of conveniences. So make your education as convenient as possible by downloading a language app.

There are hundreds of free and paid apps on the app stores. But the most popular is Duolingo, with over 120 million users around the globe. The free app can teach you 19 languages in a fun yet effective manner.

The app works on your speech and listening, but mostly your reading. And the best part is that you can use it anywhere you have wifi. So the next time you’re on a long journey, stop binge-watching tv shows and start learning Italian!

Read and Write Together

Research shows that we retain information better when we write after reading.

Start by reading children’s books or articles written in Italian. As you read through, translate the story into English. Once your Italian improves, move on to books made for adults.

When you’re able to read and translate from Italian to English, it’s time to swap it around. Now you must read books in English and write them down in Italian. This is more difficult, but it will help with your Italian spelling and grammar.

Watch Youtube Videos

As of 2022, Youtube has become the second most popular social media platform. In its early life, the platform was used for short and foolish, videos.

But in recent years, a new trend has appeared. More “how to” and educational videos have been uploaded. And channels draw a lot of attention because customers don’t have to pay a penny to watch.

There are professional channels but also bilingual individuals. For those seeking out a job in Italy, it might be better to listen to professionals. If not, listening to bilinguals is better for blending in with the locals.

Go to Italy

The only way you will truly learn to speak Italian fluently is by going to Italy.

If you live in Italy, you will be forced to speak the language. On top of that, you’ll learn how the locals speak and interact with each other. Some words or sayings might be grammatically correct but aren’t used by locals.

Just by traveling to Italy, you discover the accents. And you practice learning the language every time you step foot in a cafe, restaurant, or bus station.

If you’re planning to conduct business in Italy but your Italian isn’t at its peak, don’t worry. There are great translation services that can help you ease your way in.

How to Stay Motivated

Language learning can be difficult. Everyone will hit a brick wall at some stage and want to give up.

But the best way to get you through the suffering is to remember why you’re learning Italian. The hard work might not always be fun, but think about how fun living in Italy or working at your dream job as a hotel manager will be.

Start to Learn the Italian Language

Knowing how to speak Italian opens your future to endless possibilities. Whether it’s moving, working, or traveling, your future will be a bright one!

Now you know how to learn the Italian language, so it’s time to pick your favorite method of learning and get going!

And if you want more ways to help brighten up your future, continue reading our blog for free!

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