What Is a Chess Endgame? And Some Best Online Chess Endgames Courses

Chess Endgame

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What is a Chess Endgame?

Throughout the game of chess and other similar games, the endgame is the phase of the game when only the king remains. Often, the distinction between the middle game and the end game is not clear, and it can occur slowly or immediately after exchanging a few pairs of pieces.

However, there are some key differences between the endgame and the middle game, and the players are liable to have different strategic concerns. Getting a pawn to the eighth rank is especially important in endgames because it usually results in advancing it.

How can I improve my chess endgame strategy?

There are 7 Ways to improve chess endgame play:

  1. Advantageous positions should be studied.
  2. Make your process “easy to hard.”
  3. Learn the most common endgames from a partner
  4. Make time to study endings.
  5. Make sure you are not intimidated by the endgames.
  6. Track your endgame statistics
  7. Analyze essential endgames played by GMs

What are the best online chess endgame courses?

For Beginners Players:

  • GM Susan Polgar teaches Scholastic Chess.
  • GM Damian Lemos presents a comprehensive beginner chess course.
  • Igor Smirnov teaches a beginner’s course on chess in this Quick Jump.
  • The Hunt for the King – Mato Jelic

For Intermediate Players:

  • GM Daniel Naroditsky presents the Naroditsky Method.
  • Eric Rosen (IM) the London System (80/20 Tactics)
  • Secrets to Chess Improvement (GingerGM Method) by GM Simon Williams
  • A Course on Endgames by International Master Anna Rudolf

For Advanced Players:

  • GM Anatoly Karpov – The Karpov Method
  • GM Bryan Smith discusses the 80/20 Tactics Multiplier: King’s Indian Defense.
  • GM Sam Shankland presents tactics & calculations for the ambitious player.
  • Sam Shankland’s Super GM Skill Set

What are the best chess endgame books for self-study?

Several chapters can be found in Silman’s the Complete Endgame Course (2007). This book starts at the beginner level with the simple mates that all beginners must know to progress to the next level.

Each subsequent chapter becomes more complex and detailed and eventually finishes at Endgames for Masters (up to 2400 level). It also examines classic endgames from some of the all-time greats in that sphere: Lasker, Capablanca, Fischer, etc.

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We conclude that the endgame is not the most challenging phase of the game, but the most difficult part is actually playing chess. There can be an overwhelming advantage but lose a game due to poor tactics in the endgame of chess and chess-like games.

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