What is New in Restaurant Equipment?

What is New in Restaurant Equipment?

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Nothing brings people together than good food. And if you have good food people will definitely come to your restaurant. Not only good food but also choosing the right set of restaurant equipment is equally important for success. There is essentially a list of commercial kitchen equipment that is supposed to be in any restaurant. The outfitting of kitchen equipment varies based on the different types of restaurants as they are designed specifically to meet your specific needs.

Further the different kinds of commercial kitchen equipment are simplified into key categories. They are as follows:

#1. Restaurant Equipment for Cooking

The restaurant equipment for cooking is the cornerstone of any kind of commercial kitchen. So, while selecting the cooking equipment for your restaurant, think about what is the most common equipment to be used often in the kitchen.

The list of main cooking equipment for restaurants:

  • Oven – It is essential equipment for baking, roasting, and braising depending on your business.
  • Griddles – These are vital in diners and can be used for a variety of different cooking methods.
  • Microwave – It is a most convenient restaurant equipment to defrost frozen foods, and re-heat products.
  • Deep Fryer – They are ideal for making French fries, chicken tenders, and frying up a variety of foods.
  • Grill – Grills give a smoky and charred flavour that is perfect for many different recipes.
  • Broiler – It is needed for finishing dishes, toasting bread, or melting cheese.
  • Holding cabinet – This restaurant equipment keeps food at a specific temperature, which makes it ideal for holding food until served.
  • Toaster – For a breakfast restaurant, a commercial toaster is a must for your bread and bagels.

#2. Restaurant Equipment for Refrigeration

Refrigeration equipment provides a safe place to hold your equipment and ingredients. The biggest factor to look for when choosing storage equipment is capacity. Hence, choose equipment that can handle a good amount of food in your restaurant.

There are many different styles of refrigeration equipment, and you choose depending on your type of restaurant and refrigeration needs.

  • Refrigerator – It includes walk-in coolers, reach-in fridges, pass-through options, or prep fridges etc.
  • Shelving – It comes in a variety of sizes and configurations and is used for storing pots, pans, and dry ingredients.
  • Food storage containers – These are multi-purpose tools used to store prepped ingredients, mix up sauces and stocks, or hold dry items like pasta or rice.
  • Ice machine – It is important for beverage service at any restaurant. It is used to make smoothies or blended cocktails.
  • Beverage dispensers – Fast food restaurants require self service beverage dispensers.
  • Freezer – It comes in various sizes and styles to suit your needs and food capacities.

#3. Restaurant Equipment for Food Preparation

For food preparation, different restaurants need different commercial kitchen equipment depending on their recipes.

Here is the list of potential items you would need for your restaurant kitchen.

  • Food processors – It helps to cut down (chop vegetables, slice cheese) on valuable preparation time.
  • Cutting boards – Choose different kinds of cutting boards and follow HACCP guidelines that are vital.
  • Kitchen spoons – Spoons are versatile tools that should be on every restaurant equipment list.
  • Turners – Invest in turners that have high-heat handles to keep your employees’ hands safe.
  • Mixer & grinders – The pizza restaurants and bakeries use commercial mixers most frequently.
  • Chef knives – Sharp chef knives are crucial to make food prep easier and reduce the risk of accidents and cuts.

#4. Janitorial Equipments for Restaurant

Cleanliness is closely associated with the foodservice industry. Hence janitorial equipment and cleaning supplies are imperative. It also varies according to the restaurants.

Here’s a list of essential cleaning supplies that may be needed:

  • Microfiber cloths and rags – It is used for cleaning up spills, wiping down tables and chairs, polishing glassware.
  • Trash cans & bins – It is common for all restaurants as well as very important.
  • Mops & buckets – This stuff helps clean spills and messes left behind during service.
  • Wet floor signs – It helps to alert customers and employees to take caution when the floor is wet.
  • Brooms & dustpans – They are used to keep the floor clean from dust, and dropped food.
  • Bucket cleaning chemicals – These are used to clean buckets properly,

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