What is Prime csgo smurf accounts? Where to buy it?

Prime csgo smurf accounts

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Prime csgo smurf accounts are somewhat an unconventional way of playing by the higher ranked players. This account is used mainly for entertainment purposes; however, there are other reasons along such as: a) pro players seeks enjoyment by playing with lower level players as they tend to have lesser skills than the pros. B) prime csgo smurf accounts are used by some, as a backup. Sometimes, the account might get a VAC Ban or cool down. A smurf account works like an escape pod from all these issues. C) With the help of smurf accounts, you can also play with your friends who stand low in the game. Basically, a smurf account works in many ways, as per your convenience.

Though you need to ensure that you save your account from getting a VAC Ban. Vac stands for Valve Anti-Cheat, it is made to recognise cheats installed on users’ computers. If by any chance, VAC- Secured server catches a user using any cheats, the VAC construction would forbid the customer from playing the game.

Getting a VAC ban means you are not eligible to play the game with the help of cheats. Cheats assist in increasing your ranks quickly, and create dominance over other players in the game. Hacking and cheats in csgo may give you some sort of fulfilment, but, once you get caught, everything’s over. Several players are annoyed by the presence of such hackers, because it kills the feature of a fair play game. Hence, they buy csgo smurf accounts, merely to avoid all these nuisance.

Vac ban deters you from playing in VAC servers, and makes sure you cannot purchase any item. This results in a great deal of loss to those who had high valued skins kept in the game. CSGO guarantees when the hacker/cheater’s identity is confirmed, he’d be banned from playing the game. Interestingly, in August 2020 VAC Wave, loads of account bans were registered. What’s a VAC Wave? Well, it denotes that 1000s of players get banned from the game at one go. Recently, the VAC ban wave caused quite a stir in august when they decided to ban close to 4000 players from the game. It was by far the biggest ban wave that’s been witnessed with 1000s of account banning in one day!

Can CSGO be played globally?

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