What is the Right Skincare Routine Order to Follow?

What is the Right Skincare Routine Order to Follow?
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The average American will spend nearly $350 per year on skincare routine products. This has grown even more recently (for both genders) as people are spending more time on Zoom calls and noticing all their facial imperfections.

If you are new to the skincare game, or even if you are an old hand at it, it’s always good to know exactly what the experts say is the best skincare routine order. You don’t want to mess up this order and ruin all the hundreds of hours you spent choosing the right skincare products (and the hundreds of dollars you spent on it).

Read on to find out more about building a skincare routine that follows the perfect order.


No matter if you have skin that looks like a baby’s bottom or skin that’s pockmarked with years of acne scars, using a facial cleanser should always be the first part of your daytime skincare routine (or nighttime). This way you can remove any oils or impurities that are on your skin before putting on any other skincare products. If you aren’t convinced why you should use a facial cleanser, click the link to learn more.


Toner isn’t necessarily a mandatory step in your skincare routine, but it can be a great way to brighten, exfoliate, and treat skin issues like acne. It can also balance out the ph of your skin, so if you do use toner, apply it on your damp skin right after cleansing.

Moisturize (Including Eye Cream)

Before you apply moisturizer, apply eye cream gently onto your eye area, by tapping the delicate skin around your eyes. If you have dark circles around your eyes or puffy eyes, eye cream is an important skincare product to use. 

Once you have eye cream in place, use a high-quality moisturizer on your face and neck. If you have dry skin then you can consider using a thicker cream that can help prevent water loss. But for normal skin, a thin water-based moisturizer is more than enough.


No matter if you live in a place where the days are mostly cloudy or rainy, sunscreen is the most important thing you can use in your daytime skincare routine. Make sure to use a sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30 and reapply every 2 hours, especially if you are working outdoors (or if you sit next to the window). Don’t skimp on this skincare product and choose wisely.

The Skincare Routine Order Can Make or Break Your Skin

Are you using your skincare products in the right order currently? If not, then now you know exactly what skincare routine order to follow so your skin can glow, blossom, and bloom. It’s never too late to learn something new and change up your habits for the better. 

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