What is Search Engine Optimization?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

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Search engines crawl the internet for the best information. They use crawlers or spiders that crawl all the different websites on the internet, looking for the appropriate information to put on their results pages.

What is Search Intent?

In terms of the user experience, SEO is about making sure that your domain name, your website, your images, and everything else on your site puts the searcher in the most comfortable state of mind as possible. That means satisfying the searcher with the best possible search experience and making it as easy as possible for the searcher to find what they’re looking for. Managed SEO is a science as much as an art and 2010 marks the beginning of the third decade of the search engine boom. The internet is a constantly changing space, and search engine optimization is a science of making sure people want to come to your site.

Example of How SEO Works

For example, a new dot-com website decided they wanted to promote a business called “Make A Website”. They targeted a very competitive market with high search volume aimed towards people that want to make a website. Besides making it clear to their searchers they could design a website, they said, why not make it cost free and give it away to all interested customers. They then created content around people who want to make a website and did SEO work to get it to show up on search engines.

Create Relevant Original Content

Search engines like relevant, original content, so make sure it’s got value packed in the article. This way it is more important to consumers that they get the information after they click articles. Content doesn’t have to be longer than 2,000 words to be properly optimized for on page seo.

How to Choose the Right SEO Strategy

To help focus this article, let us look at SEO from 3 different angles.  We can look at it from a different perspective from the perspective of the searcher will you.  Search engines are what people use to find information about anything or anything in particular.  They may be the source of information themselves or choose to use search engines to find what others will not find. The difference is that for the search engine user, the results that come up are the best, most relevant results.  

SEO is the process that causes the websites to move up in search engine rankings so that that it can be found more easily by visitors and prospective customers. So what are the characteristics of a SEO strategy?  You need to look at more than technical details. SEO is about making your choice of words to be more relevant, more specific to what a person or any searcher might become interested in discovering.  Your message should be clear and appealing to all types of searchers.  It’s about designing your website implementing logic and capitalizing on content in a way that your targeted market finds compelling and relevant

The Quality of Your Website is Measured By It’s Backlinks

The levels of quality differ from site to site. Your website will be measured by the quality of its backlinks. So be sure to build high quality links.

One of the most important components of SEO is gaining links pointing to your site.  Just like there is an authoritative site and a Nobody site.  With the collaboration of numerous sites linking to your site, the success of your business or website can be assured.  From a human perspective, no one wants to go off-pump and end up at a website that is not relevant to their interests and why should the search engine user?  As often as we wouldn’t like credit cards to bounce, the fact of the matter is humans prefer instant gratification and don’t want to be faced with wasting time to find answers to their queries.  It’s like a recipe for disaster.  So you need to be sure your marketing strategy makes sense to you, is targeted properly and doesn’t hijack your message or your ability to deliver what you have to say.

Once you have put your website to place, it’s imperative that you maintain the process.  Make sure you regularly do your research, keep up with your site (over time), your keyword placement (keep it relevant), update it for new changes, stay within your budget, keep track of your budget, updates, changes, updates, updates.  By using these strategies, ensure your website is a high-performing and high-ranking site – you will be rewarded with increased traffic, qualified customers your ready to convert.