What Size Rice Cooker Should You Buy?

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Going by the norm, the size of the rice cooker to be bought should be determined by the number of people it has to serve. For one to three persons, a 1-2 litres of rice cooker is perfect. For large families with individuals numbering 6 to 8 and more, the size (which is measured in capacity) chosen should be compatible with it. Mainly, the appliances are designed according to their light to heavy utilities. The best electric rice cooker in India is multipurpose and cooks the rice and other eatables to perfection. Steaming and dry fry in the non-stick cooking pot is super healthy as it does not reduce it’s nutrition content.

Here are some awesome features to pin-point the best rice cookers in India. It is recommended to go for the capacity of rice cookers that either match or cook slightly more than what is required. The leftover rice after serving can be kept warm in the rice cooker itself. Eat safe and hygienically cooked rice with loaded nutrient content. Cut off the prolonged stirring and checking with the usual utensils for cooking rice, veggies and neatly sliced meat. Read on to match your needs with the rice cooker size.

How is the size determined?

The rice cookers are available in the minimum to maximum sizes to meet the needs of different numbers of people. For a family of 2-4 the 3 to 4 litre capacity is ideal. For 8-9 members, the 7-8 litre cooker is perfect. The remaining rice is kept in its non-corrosive bowl and stays warm for hours to come. It can also be heated later to relish the fresh as newly cooked rice.

  • 1-3 litres- 3-4 people can be served
  • 3-6 litres- 6-9 members can enjoy their meal sumptuously
  • 7-8 litres- 10-15 persons
  • 8-10 litres-17-25 persons

One litre can handle 2-3 cups of rice. If the capacity is denoted in cups, then know that one cup rice is more than enough for one to two persons to consume. You can always go for a size next to what fits your needs, to never fall short of rice at home. 

The best rice cooker reduces the consumption of energy than usual cooking procedures. It has a see-through lid to witness the rice cooking properly. The rice should not be filled up to the rim of the bowl. It should always be less than the capacity of the bowl as the rice grains swell upon the steam action. Note that one cup of rice results in 1.5 cups of cooked rice. This also depends on the type of rice cooked in the rice cooker.


For the best rice cooker brand in India, look for the warranty periods to have fruitful experiences. It comes along with measuring cups that are used for rice as well as the water required. Each cup of rice needs one cup of water to boil and steam up the grains. There are various kinds of rice cookers that specialise in different functions providing you with the best electric rice cooker for impressively smart cooking.

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