What’s New In The Solar Industry?

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Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

In the last few decades, the solar industry has changed our outlook upside down and it still keeps growing every single day. Most people are flocking to install solar panels with each passing day. It is not just a great alternative to a centralized grid form of electric supply but it also gives a great opportunity for you to live luxuriously but guilt-free. It is a great step towards building an eco-friendly home. UV power is the world’s leading manufacturer of solar panels and inverters solar-powered systems.

When it comes to choosing solar in Brisbane, customers face a lot of difficulties and come across many installers, systems and products and UV power take pride in ensuring that they provide quality service. When people hear about solar power, our mind instantly goes to solar panels installed over our rooftop but that is not where it is limited to,  nowadays. 

Here are a few of the greatest inventions in the solar power field that are either applied or in the formation stage but show great promise:

Solar Fabric

Who would have ever imagined that solar energy can be produced in fabric as well now rather than having fixed solar energy, you can do it while moving around in your solar clothing? These solar fabrics and panels are already tried and tested in various places such as awnings to lighten up street lights, curtains to eliminate complete power consumption from the grid, and building facades that provide both power and shade. This fabric will work wonders if it is provided in your winter coats to keep you warm and can also be used to charge phones or tabs. 

Thin Films

Thin Films solar cells are showing adverse growth. These are easy to install, lightweight and extremely flexible. This is most promising in the case of efficiency and affordability. Studies have shown it is 21% more efficient than regular solar panels and hence is widely adapted in both residential and commercial use. 

Floating solar farms

As per research, photovoltaic panels are more efficient when installed in water bodies or reservoirs and they often offer a plethora of other benefits. Photovoltaic solar-powered systems that are installed in water are called Floatovoltaics. The efficiency bar is raised to 10% as the solar panels get automatically cooled down because of the water surface. It also helps to keep the solar panels clean and hence there is minimal wastage of energy.

Solar skins

These are novel PV technologies that can be tailored as per individual requirements and can be customized and designed into solar panels. It is still in the testing phase and it is invented to bring in an aesthetically pleasing vibe with solar panels as it can be easily matched with the rooftops or your lawns to hide the huge installations. 


Starting from old boring rooftops, now solar power is everywhere starting from clothes to food to water bodies and it is well predicted that it will keep growing as many other inventions are waiting in queue to be tested.

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