Travel Guide 2023: Must-See Stunning Islands in Seychelles Mahe

Travel Guide 2022: Must-See Stunning Islands in Seychelles Mahe

Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

If you ask me what is your dream? My answer will be – “To walk along the blue sandy beaches, holding the hand of my loved one”. Is your dream also the same? Then, why are you waiting? Pack your bags and book your visit to Seychelles mahe Island, the largest and most beautiful island. This dreamy destination has plenty of places to visit and it will make your holiday a wondrous and unforgettable one. 

To make your visit an amazing and stress-free one, it’s a must to know some of the important things about Seychelles Island in Mahe, Seychelles resorts packages, and also the must-see places in Seychelles, Mahe.

When is the Best Time to Visit Seychelles, Mahe?

Seychelles is on the bucket list of all travelers, as it is blessed with a warm and tropical climate all the year-round. As it has amazing blue water sandy beaches, Seychelles Island is well known for wat er sports activities such as – Sailing, Surfing, Snorkeling, and Scuba Diving. 

Must-See Islands in Mahe

Whether you’re planning your stay in the best hotels in Seychelles or Seychelles Villas and Resorts, there is something around the corner for wanderers of all ages. Be it couples planning their visit to Seychelles to enjoy their honeymoon, single folks who wish to explore the beauty of Seychelles, or a family who wish to spend their vacation, Seychelles Island in Mahe will be the best destination! 

Here we have come up with a list of must-see places in Mahe that you will not want to miss on your next trip. So, let’s explore the beautiful destinations of Seychelles Island, Mahe. Continue exploring:- 

Hiking in Mahe

Mahe Island is naturally blessed with a granitic landscape which gives the opportunity for holidaymakers to hike or walk in to explore the untouched beauty. In Mahe, you will get the experience to explore over 65 beaches with a vast diversity of flora, and fauna. 

Also, you can make your dream come true by walking on the pink sand beaches by holding your loved one hand in hand. This place is also best for: bird watching, snorkeling, sunbathing, photography, and sight-seeing.

Praslin Island

Praslin or the Isle de Palme is the most beautiful beach in the world and has been listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can find rare species of parrots, so don’t forget to carry binoculars when you are visiting this island. 

You can soak yourself in the sun and relax, while your kids can enjoy their time by doing some water sports or playing in the nearby Praslin National parks. On Praslin Island, you can also make your visit to Coco de mer as well, as here you can see the world’s largest coconuts. 

La Digue Island

La Digue is known for its authentic island-style accommodations and offers a traditional mode of transport such as ox-carts and bicycles. This island is adorned with stunning beaches and granite boulders wherein water laps. 

If you opt for Seychelles resorts packages, then you can choose your accommodation in island-style hotels nearby, which will make your vacation a unique one. This destination is ideal for sunbathing, wildlife, sightseeing, & photography, and trekking. 

Bird Island

This place must be your first destination on your bucket list. Here you can find millions of birds and this island is composed of a large number of ground doves, giant land Tortoises, and cardinals. 

The best time to visit this island is May to November, as it is the seasonal time for birds to visit this sanctuary. Don’t forget to carry your professional camera to take snaps of different birds which will create the best addition to your wildlife photographs. 

Best Tourist Attractions in Seychelles 

Apart from Islands and beaches, there are many more sightseeing places which will definitely treat your eyes in a better way. And these places are listed as follows: 

  • Vallée de Mai National Park
  • Seychelles Natural History Museum
  • Rita’s Art Studio And Gallery
  • Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market
  • The Little Ben Clock Tower

Plan Your Visit to Seychelles, Mahe

Ranging from islands, beaches, and national parks, Seychelles, Mahe is the ultimate destination for holidaymakers. You can find many hotels in Seychelles and also Seychelles villas and resorts in every nook and corner. But if you’re making your trip to Seychelles for the first time, it’s advisable to pre-plan your visit by choosing the best Seychelles resort packages, as it comes with accommodation, food, and a guided day trip. 

Search for the best package and plan your Seychelles, Mahe trip for your upcoming vacation! 

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