The best Greek islands to visit in summer 2024

Greek islands

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As summer approaches, Greek islands start appearing in your social media feed. From stunning beaches to vibrant nightlife, these islands have it all, drawing travellers from all over the world in search of sun, sea, and history. And it’s no wonder why—few destinations can rival the Greek islands.

In this guide, we’ll unveil the top Greek islands to visit in summer 2024. Whether you’re looking for beaches, lively nightlife, or rich history, there’s an island to suit every traveller’s preferences. Join us as we explore the best that Greece has to offer.

Some islands in Greece possess a magnetic allure that draws millions of tourists and the reason is: they are spectacular. Among the most famous are Santorini and Mykonos, both icons in their own right. Santorini, famed for its sunsets, cliffside villages, and black and red sand beaches, is a paradise for travellers seeking natural beauty. Santorini’s whitewashed buildings adorned with blue domes symbolises the island’s charm and allure.

Meanwhile, Mykonos’ nightlife, windmills, and beaches captivate the hearts of thousands of visitors each year. Renowned for its nightlife scene, Mykonos comes alive after dark, offering an unforgettable experience. Yet, beyond the party atmosphere, Mykonos boasts stunning natural beauty, from its charming white houses to its idyllic beaches.

Further afield, islands like Corfu and Rhodes offer their own unique charms. Corfu, known as the “Garden Isle“, for its landscapes full of olive groves, citrus orchards and pine forests. Meanwhile, Rhodes attracts visitors with its mediaeval old town, ancient ruins, and rural villages. Steeped in history, Rhodes was once home to the Colossus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, while its mediaeval old town has earned UNESCO World Heritage status.

Undiscovered Greek islands

With approximately 6,000 Greek islands across the Aegean and Ionian Seas, there’s no shortage of options for vacation away from the crowds. Here are the top five most underrated islands to consider:


Kefalonia stands out as one of Greece’s best-kept secrets, boasting a mix of stunning landscapes and serene ambiance. Explore cities like Assos, Argostolion, and Fiskardo. Kefalonia magic lies in its beaches, including Myrtos Beach and the secluded haven of Fteri Beach


Paros has some of the best beaches in all of Greece, particularly along its northern and eastern shores, where idyllic coves and beach bars abound. Paros is mainly famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and its architecture. Its nightlife also attracts young people. Paros has been famous historically for its marble, Parian marble, used to create iconic architectural and sculptural masterpieces, such as the Venus de Milo and the Winged Victory of Samothrace. 


Syros mixes architecture, stunning beaches, views, and history, making it a destination not to be missed. Unlike some of the more tourist-saturated islands, Syros provides an authentic Greek experience with fewer crowds and more affordable prices, offering a refreshing escape from the bustling tourist hubs like Santorini.


Milos stands out as one of the most distinctive and remarkable Cycladic islands, thanks to its landscape. The island’s beauty stems from its volcanic heritage, which has given the island bright colours and weird shapes. For those who love art and Greek mythology, a visit to Milos is a must: The island is known for being the birthplace of the Venus de Milo, the Poseidon of Melos, and the Asclepius of Milos.

Are you looking adventurous? These Greek islands are ideal for you.

For adventurous souls seeking more than just sunbathing, the Greek islands offer plenty of thrilling experiences. In Crete, three mountain ranges sprawl across the island, where you can find snow well into late spring. Don’t know of many islands where you can practise snow and water sports. Venturing to Kythnos, travellers can go on different adventures: visiting thermal springs near the port of Loutro or kayaking along the coastline.

Kea’s crystal-clear waters are a haven for divers, with the Kea Underwater Historic Site showcasing submerged wrecks and marine life! Lemnos boasts a diverse terrain, featuring lunar-like volcanic formations in the west of the island. Adventure-seekers will even find a mini-desert, the Pachies Ammoudies, where they can sandboard. Lastly, Lefkada’s beaches have ideal conditions for kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and windsurfing, providing an adrenaline-fueled escape.

Best way to discover an island is by renting a car

Hiring a car is undeniably the best way to unlock the full potential of exploring an island in Greece. Whether you’re chasing breathtaking viewpoints, discovering coves, or going on a gastronomic trip, the freedom to tailor your own itinerary is unmatched; no need of relying on public transportation or organised tours.

Hiring a car often proves to be more cost-effective and convenient than other ways of moving, especially when travelling in groups or venturing to remote areas not easily accessible by bus or taxi. 

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