When to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

When to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?
Cairns criminal defense lawyers

Last Updated on March 6, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

If you are convicted for any criminal case and are ordered to stay behind bars, you should consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer. The Cairns criminal defense lawyers can help you if you are facing any legal consequences. What can be the cases when you need them?

DUI ( Driving Under Influence ):

In this case, if you are convicted, you can be harassed with huge fines or penalties, loss of the driving license, staying behind bars, and many more punishments. As the criminal lawyers are trained, they can guide you with the legal adjustments. With the proper guidance, your penalties for jail time can be reduced.

Trial Process For Criminal Case:

You can consider hiring defense lawyers when you are convicted and required to stay behind bars. Their expertise can help in protecting you within the justice system.

Expert Witness:

If you are called for trials in DUI ( Driving Under Influence), you may require presenting an expert witness. The Cairns criminal defense lawyers may help you in this regard. If you doubt that your witness may fail to defend you during the cross-examinations, the criminal defense lawyers can bring professional experts for you. With the help of the witness, your defense can be made strong, and the winning strategy can also be made.

To File Against Suppression of Evidence:

If you want to file a motion against the suppression of the evidence, you will require a criminal defense lawyer at that time. You can hire defense lawyers when you feel that you have been forcefully arrested and the evidence is arranged by force or threat. This case will include the cross-examination of the officer who has arrested you, and therefore the case can be highly complicated and technical. So you may not be comfortable defending yourself and think of hiring professionals.

To File Against Prior Conviction:

If you request to strike out your previous convictions, the penalties and the fines can be decreased slightly. This case is also very technical and complicated and requires an expert opinion.

Testimony Preparation:

When you are accused, you must prepare your testimony. During the version of the events, you may be required to contradict the police authorities. During the cross-questions, you are required to stand in the witness box and need to convince the jury. As many technical terms are used, hiring professionals can be helpful. They can provide justice to your testimony, and thus hiring them can be your best decision in this case.

Hire The Best!

You can certainly take professional help from the Hartley Whitla Lawyers criminal lawyers when you are accused of a criminal case. The most common cases are DUI ( Driving Under Influence), where you can be charged with hefty penalties and fines. 

The criminal lawyers will help you defend yourself, and therefore the penalties can easily be decreased. They can also arrange for professional witnesses who are trained to answer the cross-examination questions in the court. So, next time you are convicted, never hesitate to consult criminal defense lawyers

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