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Studio quality reformer Pilates is credited with bringing Pilates to the public for the first time. Pilates, like yoga, can help you become more flexible and strengthen your muscles, but unlike yoga, it is done on the floor with special equipment called a Pilates reformer. Pilates reformers may look like torture devices, but their purpose is to add resistance to a workout so that you aren’t only pushing against your own body weight.

A Shopper’s guide to the Pilates Reformer

Not all Pilates reformers are the same (and the price tends to reflect the number of features it has). Although a home Pilates studio is an expensive investment, anybody may benefit from the discipline.

The Most Affordable Pilates Reformer Personal Hour Review 

Stamina is well-known for producing reasonably priced exercise machinery, and they have delivered a reasonably priced Pilates reformer. This machine’s lower price is due in part to the fact that it uses cables for resistance rather than springs, but if you’re not seeking the most durable reformer, this could be a good way to get started with Pilates.

AeroPilates Pro Series

$1,499 at Stamina

You may customize Pilates Machines for your workout on this reformer by adjusting the height of the headrest, the length of the foot bar, and the resistance provided by the springs and aluminum rails. Reformer 565 from the AeroPilates Pro Series, $1,499 at Stamina

Casa Reformer by Peak Pilates

 is $2,295 at Peak Pilates

Its aluminum frame and spring system allow it to be studio-height while still being very light. In addition, it was designed with a contemporary aesthetic in mind and may be used in the home. The Casa Reformer by Peak Pilates is $2,295 at Peak Pilates.

Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer 

for $2,372

Top Pilates Machines 2023 best-rated Pilates reformer is available at a lower price point than the most expensive models. The “enhanced” springs allow for even more resistance settings, and the wide variety of available accessories lets you create your ideal setup for this reformer. Even better, Merrithew has a 90-day return policy (though we doubt you’ll need it, as we’re confident you’ll love it). Amazon has the Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer for $2,372.

Balanced Body Studio Reformer 

for $4,200 and above

No exaggeration here; Balanced Body reformers are used by Scira and Picazo in their own Southern California studios, so you know they’re good. There is a conventional version, but you may also design your own reformer with Balanced Body (thus the “starting at” pricing) to get exactly what you want. We chose to feature this wood machine (made of rock maple) in the studio section because of its extensive background in professional use. Pilates offers a Balanced Body Studio Reformer for $4,200 and above.

Wolfmate Pilates Reformer 

For $1,859 on Amazon, you can get the, an all-inclusive Pilates home workout system.

There are a variety of resistance settings and gears on this reformer, so you may tailor your workout to your specific needs. It’s lightweight and portable thanks to the aluminum alloy frame and wheels. It has a ton of accessories, including a padded footrest, an adjustable foot bar and shoulder rest, and a jumping board. For $1,859 on Amazon, you can get the Wolfmate Pilates Reformer, an all-inclusive Pilates home workout system.

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