Why Are Building Inspections Important?


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Buildings are usually durable enough to hold thousands of people within them at any given time, but sometimes this is not the case. Some buildings might not be able to handle so much pressure. This is because the construction of the building lacks adequate strength in its foundation. After all, the civil work was carried out poorly during the construction period. 

This is why inspection of the building is extremely important and has also been made mandatory by the municipal corporations of every urban city. 

Companies like BPI Adelaide provide the necessary stress check process and measurements to conduct building inspections in Adelaide. So let’s see why the reasons to conduct building inspections are necessary.  

Reasons to Conduct Building Inspections

Helps identify faults

Conducting a building inspection is mandatory and useful as it helps the inspector and the residents are aware of the current physical condition of the building structure. 

Helps in planning building maintenance process

Once the inspector and the clients know about the factors of the poor physical condition of the building structure, regular repairs and maintenance can be planned. 

Provides safety

Regular checks of the building structure assure safety to the residents of the building. It assures the residents of the current status of the building, its defects, potential hazards and remedial actions to be taken for achieving safety. 

Avoid Mishap

Regular inspections and corrective actions can help avoid minor or major mishaps that could have led to the loss of life or property. 

Helps in Assessing the True Value of the building

Building inspection helps in scanning all minor or major problems in the structure of the building and in turn this helps in assessing the correct financial value of the building.

Electrical Panel Inspection

All major fires in a building are due to faulty electrical wiring, power surge or short circuits. Hence conducting regular detailed electrical scanning will help identify any hotspots within the electrical panel like faulty wiring etc., and avert any fires in the future. 

Fire Inspection

It is very important to check all the fire safety appliances within the building and review inspection reports and maintenance logs. This helps draw the current status of the fire safety mechanism working in the building and helps adopt repairs and remedial measures. If there are faults in the electrical lines, it might catch fire and this will lead to massive havoc. 


Hence we can now know how important it is to regularly inspect building structures to identify all problem areas, take corrective actions and prevent mishaps. Companies like BPI Adelaide provide customised building inspections to ensure building functions as per their intended purpose. BPI Adelaide has a team of properly trained, licensed, vastly experienced, and certified inspectors who can assess all aspects of the building structure, comply with the applicable laws, and ensure the safety of the building and its occupants.