Why is the Canada PR visa denied?

Why is the Canada PR visa denied?

Last Updated on October 10, 2021 by binkhalid

The candidate should not feel gloomy because the Canada PR visa was denied. You might not have received the aspired ITA, but still, there are ways in which you can file the Express Entry application again and get the visa:

Experience not in line with the selected NOC:

The candidate should know that his visa won’t be approved, once his experience is quite different from the job duties which are a part of the NOC code selected by him.

This leads to confusion with the IRCC as to why they should select you for the visa as your experience is of no use to them. You don’t hold experience in the relevant NOC codes and that’s why you will be jobless once in Canada and hence a drag on the resources.

Criminal background:

The candidate should not have any criminal past. This can lead to him not getting the police clearance certificate from his home country.

No submission of police clearance certificate:

The submission of the police clearance certificate(PCC )at the right time and in the right format is important. These police certificates have to be submitted during the time of 90 days after your ITA has been issued and reached you. You should get the police clearance certificate received by you scanned and then upload it online. The candidate should make sure that you don’t upload the original police clearance certificate online.

Make sure that you get the police clearance certificate on time and not too early because the validity of such a certificate for Canada PR expires 6 months after its issue.

The candidate has to prove mandatorily that he didn’t get the police clearance certificate and he made a thorough effort for it. In that case, he has to upload the important documents such as a confirmation receipt for the PCC application made by you.

Now, what to do once you are reapplying for the visa. What should be the improvements made by you in the new visa application? 

  • Make sure that you enough financial resources which are needed for the government to be convinced that you won’t consume their resources even if unemployed. So, that’s why you should have 12,475 CAD with you when coming to Canada. 
  • Health checks should be done once the visa application is submitted after getting the PR invitation.
  • The candidate can also get the explanation as to why there were mistakes in his initial application which got him rejected.

The candidate should go thoroughly through the visa Rejection letter sent to him. This will let him know where his application could not please the IRCC. The entire content of this letter should be read by the candidate as to why he met with rejection. The mistakes of the initial application should not be repeated in the consecutive application.

The chances of getting the PR when applying for it the second time are good because the same visa officer does not review the Express Entry application twice. A different visa officer is assigned to your case the second time, hence the chances of getting accepted are immense.

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