Why Python is Popular with Developers?


Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Python is one of the top five most popular programming languages in the IT industry. Among 48.07% of the developers use Python for software development. Python is quite popular and there is no doubt about that. Even people who are unfamiliar with coding and software development might have heard about Python, the programming language. But, how or why? What has made it so popular? We will find out in this article.

Python is one of the most proliferating programming languages ever. It is the talk of the tech industry. It has fantastic in-built features and that alone can make it a reason to choose Python over anything else. With Python development services, you can develop software with ease and very quickly. The Python programming language builds applications for businesses and industries. The majority of you should be familiar with Python. From ML to web development, this programming language is elevated, object-oriented, and interpretive.

But here are ten more reasons why Python is developers’ favorite.

Low Entry Barrier

Did you know in the last three years, 3 million new software developers have emerged? That has surely increased the scope of Python in the market. Beginners tend to choose Python as its syntax is simple, almost the like the English language. It is a high-level programming language and has a low entry barrier. Python also makes programming a lot simpler. Developers get the freedom to build software by using just a few lines of code.

An additional advantage of Python is, its syntax gives meaning to whitespace as well. This not only helps developers to build an app faster but gives more scope to the readability and user experience.

Easy to Learn and Deploy

Another factor for Python being so popular is easy to learn. It is a fantastic programming language for newcomers in the software development world. As mentioned earlier, the syntax is similar to the English language, it makes programming a lot easier for beginners. It offers a much easier learning curve. It can be hence, written and deployed more quickly than other programming languages. Also, the ease makes Python one of the most accessible programming languages worldwide. It is easy to read, learn, deploy, and build.

Easy to Debug

As already talked about the much-talked Python’s built-in features. This is what makes debugging in Python quite simpler. The debugging of Python relies on how a developer handles the anomalies. While the code is run, before deploying, the code itself generates a syntax showing the errors that might cause the problem. And terminates the code from executing. These exceptions are then followed up by the developers and corrected quickly.

This system of debugging an error, not only helps the developers to manage their time, but they get extra time to think about more value-added solutions. Immediacy is, of course, a factor, there is no denying that. But the in-built error correction makes software development more effective.

Robust Support Structure

With so many reasons to choose Python, the cost is also another factor. It is not expensive at all. It is portable, object-oriented, procedure-oriented, and a high-level programming language with a robust support structure. Its in-built library is impressive that extends additional functionalities.

Its GUI programming support, extensible features, and simplicity makes Python one of the most popular programming languages. Any Python development company will be proud of its capabilities and its scope for future software development. Right now, starting from Netflix, IBM, and NASA to Spotify, everyone uses Python for their programming tasks. And it is not tough to guess, giant companies will continue to do so.

Supportive and Growing Community

Python is an old player in the market. So, it is quite obvious that the community is quite large and mature. So, if you are willing to learn this programming language, you will find several tutorials, documents, case studies, and a lot more for your reference.

In case you did not know, Python is the exact programming language used for vivid research projects. In fact, it is the only language via which many learners are exposed to computer science. When people learn machine learning, the ecosystem always offers guidance.

Renowned Corporate Sponsors

When anything is backed by big corporations, it is a huge hit. It does not require any other validation. As I already mentioned, Python is used by giant companies – a few to name are Facebook, Instagram, Quora, and PayPal and the list is unending. Given, Python is backed by so many renowned corporate firms, it has a scope to grow faster.

When Google chose Python in 2006, it has mushroomed ever since for many applications development. It is, in fact, so successful that Google has devoted a portal for Python.

Vast Libraries and Framework

I started off the article saying about Python’s vast library. Its framework and library are what makes Python so exciting. It is more like a template that you choose and save you time. However, that only covers the first half of your software development cycle. Still, it saves a lot of effort. Developers claim Python libraries and frameworks to be extraordinarily beneficial. For example, SciPy for apps related to engineering, Django for web development, matplotib for graphs, etc.

Machine Learning and Cloud Computing

If you read a bit of tech news, you must know cloud computing and machine learning are some of the trends that have been going on for a while. And Python is one of the most popular tools when it comes to it. Python is used for most research and development projects because of its many advantages, including the simplicity with which user data may be organized and analyzed. Lots of projects involving machine learning employ dozens of Python libraries each day in addition to this.

The Flexibility of the Language

Another great thing about Python is, it is quite flexible. So, Python developers can run many experiments using Python and they will not have to compromise with just what is available. They can build new features in the applications or technologies, for that matter. Python for a developer is like a pen for a writer. They can expand their horizon and create wonders with it. The imagination is the limit.

Open-source Programming Language

Python development solutions offer an open-source platform.  All programmers enjoy free tools, especially those with a substantial, tried-and-true feature set. Python is a fantastic solution for startups and novice developers that are very outlay. Python is free to download and use, and commercial programs using it are not subject to additional license costs.

Closing Words on Python as A Programming Language

Python is a dynamically typed language, and it is widely used for software development solutions. It is one of the most popular languages in the world today due to its versatility and easy-to-understand syntax. From artificial intelligence to web and desktop application development, Python development solutions provide developers with many development options.

It can be used to create anything from automation scripts to full-featured enterprise applications. As an object-oriented language, Python makes it easy for developers to develop reliable and secure code quickly and efficiently. Moreover, Python also has a wide range of libraries that simplify the development process even further.

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