Wrongful Termination In Texas: Get A Lawyer Right Away!

Wrongful Termination In Texas: Get A Lawyer Right Away!

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Texas is an at-will employment state. Your employer doesn’t need to show a reason to fire you. However, they cannot wrongfully terminate you. The at-will concept is still a tricky one. As an employee, you can choose to leave whenever you want and without reason, but your employer can also fire you anytime. If you believe that you have suffered discrimination and have been terminated wrongfully, you should consider reading about the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Your employer cannot fire you because of factors or grounds like race, age, gender, religion, disability, or nationality. When that happens, you have to consider finding a wrongful termination lawyer near me. Here are some things to know about wrongful termination and seeking legal representation.

Understanding wrongful termination

There are state laws in Texas (refer to Texas Labor Code), which offer protection to employees against wrongful termination and discrimination. How do you know that you have been wrongfully terminated? That’s a tricky question. You cannot merely assume anything and sue your employer. You are expected to have evidence and must follow the appropriate steps. An internal complaint to HR could help in some cases. Still, if your employer has denied wrongful termination or has refused to take action, you can file an administrative complaint with a government agency.

Taking the right steps

In your best interest, you may want to contact an attorney for your wrongful termination case. They can help evaluate your case and will determine if your case is valid in the first place. If you have a case, your lawyer can help you file a complaint (you can do so independently). You can file the complaint with The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or with The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). The concerned agency will investigate the matter, and if they decline to do so (or when you are unhappy with the outcome), you can take steps to sue the employer.

Get an attorney

If you believe that you have been a victim of wrongful termination, don’t delay calling a lawyer. Your attorney can help you file a complaint and deal with the situation’s aftermath. They will also help you gather evidence to bolster the case. Your lawyer will also explain what you can expect when suing the employer. Besides getting compensation for your losses, you can also expect to get your job back. Talk to a lawyer to find more about your circumstances.

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