10 Internet Problems and Solutions

Internet Problems

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Using the internet is the best thing one could do these days. Whether you want entertainment or infotainment all you can get by connecting to the internet.VPN  However, every good thing comes with some downsides and the internet also has some issues. I mean you can’t always enjoy a smooth internet experience and that’s what I will discuss in this blog. This blog addresses all the potential problems one can have using the internet. Moreover, I will also discuss all the possible solutions to resolve the issues. Without any further delay, let’s check out the most common internet problems which you face on a regular basis. 

  1. 404 Error Pages 

Most of the times, when you search for a website you often see 404 Error instead of the web result. It is one of the most common internet problems that you can face. The error could appear because of the multiple reasons. One reason is that the URL address is not typed correctly. You have to look back and type it accurately and then search again for it. 

Secondly, some websites are geo-block which means you can only access those sources in particular regions. To overcome this issue, you can use a VPN and change your location and then reconnect. These two steps will help you and you will notice that Error 404 will significantly disappear and you’ll access your preferred sources like a pro. 

  • DNS Error Problem 

Network problems are quite common and users often encounter such hitches.  Users frequently receive network errors which look something like these: 

  • IP address can’t be found
  • DNS name does not exist
  • The network path cannot be found. 

The pretext behind these errors is simply your DNS configuration. Many of us don’t have any idea about it and we often end up doing nothing but get frustrated. Nevertheless, you can resolve this issue by simply following my instructions. What you can do about it is just check your adapter’s IPV4 settings and you’ll find your DNS server which is incorrect off course. 

So, make it right by selecting “Obtain DNS server manually” and there you go! 

  •  Wireless Network Connection Problem 

Connecting to a wireless network is the best bet to get access to everything remotely. Sometimes your device shows a strong signal for that particular router but still doesn’t connect. If it happens to you then try to come closer to the router and then reconnect. There are chances that you’ll get connected and if it happens then it indicates a problem with your system hardware. 

Considering your hardware or changing network card’s driver will be helpful. In some cases, you may also have to change the entire hardware.

  • Limited Internet Connection 

Another problem that internet users frequently face is pop up messages like “Limited internet connection”. This error occurs mainly because of your antivirus solution that is installed in your device. If you’ll disable your antivirus and then check your connection again so you might not receive the same error again. However, if you still get the error then I will suggest you to entirely disable your antivirus software then check again.  

If you notice that the problem was arising because of your antivirus then try to change your antivirus program. You must select an antivirus software that should not be complicated, light on your system and never interfere with your system. 

  • Slow Application Working

This issue is quite common in offices. A lot of IT professionals reported that they face severe issues while connecting to the networks. The main root cause of the issue is internet throttling. It happens when your employees use additional bandwidth and spend time watching videos and downloading large files. If in case, you’re sure that other sources are blocked in your office still it is suggested to upgrade your bandwidth to meet business needs. 

  • Reduced Internet Access at Particular Rooms 

Now, this must have happened with all of you. Whenever you try to connect inside your bedroom or somewhere else in the home, you get drastic connection drops. 

Usually, when you connect to a router it possibly performs signal spreading in all the directions. Sometimes, due to the router’s location you might lose signals. The best way to combat this problem is changing your router’s place. You can place your router in a center of your home to check and see if your networks are getting better than before. 

  • Particular Device is not connecting to the Wi-Fi 

If you own a device that always makes it difficult to be connected to the Wi-Fi then try doing these steps. First, disconnect the Wi-Fi from that device and then connect again. 

If things are still bad for you then try the same step with your router. If still your device is not connecting then delete your network from device’s list of the saved networks and reconnect. 

Windows users are suggested to find Wi-Fi troubleshooting, get results, then identify and repair network issues. 

  • IP Leaks 

Using a VPN is the best solution to control IP leaks. Don’t forget to run an IP leak test to determine if your IP is still leaking after connecting to a VPN. If you found that your VPN is also leaking your IP then contact your VPN service provider. 

  • ID Theft 

While connecting to the internet the biggest problem that we’re all afraid of is losing our identity. Some hackers block personal profiles on the internet and also make use of it in a wrong way. The best way to prevent ID theft is using strong passwords and limiting your privacy settings. Moreover, you can also activate two-factor authentication for added security. 

  1. Facing Lag Issues 

If you’re using a modem and facing lag issues then all you can do is update your Firmware. Firmware is the software that runs your modem and updating it might resolve your speed, lag, and other performance issues.


There you have it! These were the most common internet problems that you mostly encounter. You can try all the solutions mentioned in the blog to see how things are working for you. 

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