3 Tips for Starting a Successful Christian Blog

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Starting a Christian blog can be an exciting and challenging process. If it is the first time you are starting one, you might not know how to get it going, which platform to use, how to start creating content, and how to market it. But, if you have the ideas and an audience in mind, the best way to get it going is by just starting. 

So, what if you want to start a Christian blog? Well, here, you have a very unique set of content that you will be creating, as well as a very unique audience. You will probably have a good idea of the messaging that you want to get out, but, it might take some time to refine it and make it educational and catchy to really gain some traction online. 

We thought we would take a look at how you can get your Christian blog up and running. We took a look at what some of the more popular blogs are doing and how you can replicate their blog blueprint and start making yours successful. 

Plan Your Content in Advance 

The ideal strategy to start a blog is to create a content calendar in which you plan out what you will write on a regular basis.  You should consider planning out the full year and map out what needs to be covered at each point throughout the year. Think about it, you will be able to pinpoint key dates and then work out from around them. 

So, things like Christmas, Easter, and key religious events can serve as your mark points, and you can generate content from month to month around these dates. So, start big, and work your way in. You will notice that your months and weeks can start picking up various themes, and you can start creating your content around that. 

If you need inspiration or need to find content to cover certain periods, do some research into what should be highlighted for the specific period. For example, if you plan to write about the Catholic saints, it would be helpful to look at the saint of the day Catholic calendar to identify which day belongs to which saints so you can start preparing your content in advance. There are also numerous other resources out there that can give you great ideas about your content. 

Know Something About Your Followers and Readers 

When creating your content, you will also need to know just who you are speaking to. Who are your readers, what do they want to see and what will actually bring them to your blog? How do you get more Instagram followers and Facebook fans to follow you and read your blogs? 

So you will have to correctly identify your target audience to better understand them. Not only do you want to know where they are located, their average age, sex, and affiliation, but you will also want to know what interests them and what they actually want to click on to read. Remember, some are interested in opinions, while others are more message-driven when it comes to Christian blogs.

There is plenty of data out there that you can draw from to create a profile of your ideal reader, but you can also experiment with different content. This will help you better understand what works and what doesn’t. What is clicked on and commented on and what blogs are more popular than others. From there, you can duplicate the types of content that work and steer clear of what doesn’t. 

Know Something About Your Followers and Readers 

Choose the Right Platforms to Work With 

Your platforms will be key to the success of your blog. From the actual platform for the blog itself to all of the other online tools and software to help support it, choose them wisely. If you are just starting out, you will be very budget-conscious, but luckily for you, there are plenty of affordable and free options. 

For your blog option, one of the most popular platforms is WordPress. It is simple, efficient, budget-friendly, and comes with tons of plugins and integrations that can help streamline the posting and running of the site. Take your SEO, as an example. Yoast is a great tool to integrate into WordPress to streamline your SEO and comes as a free plugin with WordPress. 

Next, look at your marketing channels. What will work best for your blog? Facebook, Instagram, and email tool are your absolute must-haves to promote your blog. But there are plenty of other channels that you could make use of. Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn are other examples, while there are plenty of email options for you to use. 

Next, look at tools like Google Analytics to monitor the traffic to your blog, Slack to communicate with team members, if you have, and Trello to manage your projects (especially if you do have a team that you are working with). 

The Bottom Line 

With the right passion and interest in your Christian blog, you should be able to make a roaring success out of it. Just keep the basics of blog management in mind while you are creating content around your topic. Keep thinking of what you want to achieve with it and if you are contemplating starting a business with it, keep business principles in mind.

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