4 Best Invoicing Software That Supports Estimates & Quotes


Last Updated on January 23, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Math is just not for everyone, and those who know are gifted or blessed! Math pros usually get jobs in the accounting field, and all they do is adjust ledgers, prep the finance sheets, and make invoices. So it is not difficult to reckon why they are always in a dingy mood. 

All employees should be given the benefit of automating their tasks, especially those who have to work with numbers all day of the year. In addition, companies should opt for the best invoicing software that supports estimates and quotes.

If you ask why invoicing can become a pain, imagine making highly precise and accurate invoices, sending them, and following up on every invoice. This is nothing but hectic and such tasks hail errors. 

Now, there is another reason small, medium, and large enterprises should go for the latest invoicing software. We have taken the pain ourselves of helping companies find the 4 best invoicing software that supports estimates and quotes.

  1. ZarMoney

Based in Los Angeles – ZarMoney has been making clients happy since 2006. We ranked it no.1 among the 4 software that supports estimates and quotes because it is a good competitor of expensive and inflexible accounting software.

ZarMoney is designed for all types and sizes of enterprises, and the best part is that it is cloud-based, which means you won’t have any security concerns. In addition, ZarMoney guarantees flexibility, adaptability, and customization at all stages of business.

What makes invoicing software great? The international association of exhausted accountants says that it should be easy to use, have all-in-one solutions, and be affordable – ZarMoney has it all. 

If you skip to the good part, ZarMoney features quick access to 1000+ customizable and 40+ built-in reports. Speaking of features, there are more reasons to get ZarMoney to get things going faster.


  • Accounting and accounts receivable
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Invoice and estimate
  • Inventory management and bookkeeping
  • Order management and payment processing


You can choose between the following pricing plans:

  • Entrepreneur = $15 per month 
  • Small business = $20 per month
  • Enterprise = $350 per month

ZarMoney offers 50+ features that make life easier for accountants to make the most complex and the longest invoices within minutes. The company’s upper management also gets the benefit of authorizing permissions and monitoring everyday tasks. 

  1. Scoro

Scoro is a good competitor of ZarMoney as it provides all-in-one invoicing and billing solutions. Scoro is among the best-invoicing software that supports estimates and quotes because it can completely automate almost all such tasks. 

Scoro will remind you of essential invoices and schedule the sending of invoices. You can also automate the most complex billings with just a few clicks. We liked Scoro because it has an interactive dashboard showing client invoices, quotes, files, projects, history, communications, and all details. – this will allow you to keep an eye on the sales funnel.

Avoid tons of filing by making PDFs of invoicing and sales within minutes. Scoro allows you to manage invoices, financial documents, sales, and projects. Scoro is the second-most demanded software because of its following features.


  • Create and customize prepayments, sales, quotes, estimates and credit invoices.
  • Schedule payments and automate sending reminders to clients concerning payments
  • Get a 360-degree view of all projects and clients
  • See all information regarding invoices in a user-friendly dashboard


Scoro has the following pricing plans.

  • Essential = $26 per month
  • Standard = $37 per month
  • Pro = $63 per month
  • Ultimate = Contact for pricing 

Scoro also provides ebooks and guides which are available on their site and you can pay in 5 different currencies. Scoro allows accountants to manage every financial history of projects and clients single handedly.

  1. Invoice2go

If you are looking for the best invoicing software that supports estimates and quotes, then Invoice2go is your best option. It is efficient and that leads to productivity. It is the 3rd runner up in this list because it is super easy to use. 

It also automates sending of invoices, you can set invoice reminders, see all statuses of invoices, track them and do all this with customized tools. It also works well with PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers.

Invoice2go allows accountants to do the difficult work in a very short time which includes syncing of all bills, payments and invoicing data with Xero and QuickBooks. This helps in managing all tax documents as well. Invoice2go provides the following features.


  • Invoicing and payments
  • Wide range of invoice templates
  • Bank transfers and reporting
  • Project and payroll management


Invoice2go offers the following pricing plans.

  • Premium = $399.99 per year
  • Professional = $99.99 per year
  • Starter = $59.99 per year

Invoice2go also has an app with which you can receive payments and send invoices before you even know it. Since it is very much easy to use, invoicing becomes more manageable and fast with Invoice2go.

  1. Zervant 

If you are a freelancer, or you have a small business or you have a small business then Zervant is best for you. Zervant is for those users who are not familiar with invoicing, quotes and estimation at all. 

Zervant makes invoices in less than a minute. It also empowers users to automate and track invoices at all times with the Zervant app and it is free. Turn accepted estimates into invoices without needing to understand the whole concept of accounting. 

Zervant is a cut throat contender because it offers free resources and tools to help your small business become a large one. Customers can make use of free invoice templates to make everything smoother and nicer than before. Zervant’s top features are as follows.



You benefit from Zervant in the following pricing plans.

  • Free = £0 per month
  • Starter = £7 per month
  • Pro = £13 per month
  • Growth = £31 per month

Zervant is loved by new startups because it costs nothing to make professional invoices, quotes, and estimates. Plus, it has top-notch features and tools that are very easy to use. 

Bottom Line

Keeping track of cash flows is very important, either it is a small business or a sole trader or even a freelancer. Everyone receives and sends payments in one way or the other but with a good and reliable invoicing software that supports estimates and quotes, calculating numbers can become easy.

If you are still not sure which one to pick then we suggest that you go for ZarMoney. It is affordable and it comes with a lot of features which help businesses grow by doing the minimum. ZarMoney provides the best reporting system; you can view the balance sheet and see profits and losses.