How Is Boxing Helping Kids with Their Academic Career?


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When we think about boxing, most of us think about combat training and self-defense; however, most of us are not aware of several other things that can be learned via boxing. According to a study, parents are now helping their kids learn self-defense and other martial art types so they can discipline their kids. There is no doubt that practicing a good sport that helps with fitness, keeping the body active and helps mind and body stay fit is a must. 

Even if you stay at home and do nothing, a good sport can be quite useful, especially if you are into fitness. Apart from sports like football, cricket, and hockey that are usually associated with kids, combat-based games are now getting a lot of buzz. One of the major reasons parents used to avoid combat-based games was because they used to associate combat with anger. 

However, studies have shown that practicing combat-based training has helped kids in emotional handling from a young age. With the help of boxing, it is expected that kids will not only learn how to discipline themselves, but they will also adopt good habits and mingle with the right crowd. Parents are now taking charge and they are helping their kids practice boxing at home as well.

For the beginners who are finding it hard to understand why parents are willingly helping their kids learn boxing and other combat training and why most physicians are connecting this training with high grades.


Body and Mind Coordination

Boxing is a game of rhythm, you are not only throwing punches, but your footwork is complementing your mind and body. This rhythm is very calculated, and you learn to express yourself via this movement. Your brain stays in full control, which is the reason you might have noticed that people who practice combat-based training or boxing get better at other sports, and they also get better at handling stressful situations. In short, kids lashing out at school can be reduced, and they can learn easily in their school.

Better EQ

EQ or emotional intelligence is as important as IQ, and this has been proven through various studies as well. One of the major reasons most kids fail to perform in school is because they are unable to handle the stress. Studying one subject is rather easier, and you eventually learn things; however, when it comes to studying multiple subjects simultaneously, it becomes quite hard. With the help of boxing, the child learns to balance day-to-day stress, and this helps in handling work quite well.    

Calculated Emotional Reactions

When kids are going through teenage years, lashing out is quite common, they are unable to deal with raging hormones, which also means badly formulated reactions. Boxing teaches the child to learn from the worse and use a strategy to build a long-term reaction that will further complement the given situation. This is quite difficult, and even adults find it hard to formulate a good reaction after going through a tough time. One of the main reasons we have seen most children succeed is that they have a better way of multitasking, and this helps them keep their academics balanced out with their day-to-day work.

Problem Solving

The academics that we once knew have changed; now, critical thinking and problem-solving are encouraged by the teacher and everyone else as well. Previous learning was encouraged, and people use to memorize things; however, critical things and problem-solving are encouraged, and this is one of the most crucial parts of the game as well. With the help of boxing, the child learns how to form a strategy and then act upon the strategy just according to the situation. What can be better than attaining the art of problem-solving at home and all you need is a good pair of boxing gloves.

Problem solving

Decision Making

At a young age, most people find it hard to make the right decision, and they get confused as well. With every passing day, they learn new things, and their decision-making power becomes better as well. However, when it comes to academics, kids find it hard to select a career or build interest in a subject. Studies support the notion that although most people separate decision-making from academics but the subject selection and career selection are crucial decisions as well. Rather than relying on others to make such important decisions, it is the responsibility of a child to take the reins into his own hands. However, kids are usually confused in these situations; combat games and boxing instill the decision-making and firm conclusion-based attitude in kids that help them with their decision as well.

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