Supplement your rebounding skills with these effective drills

Supplement your rebounding skills with these effective drills

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Except for the fact that rebounding is a mindset, it is a basketball skill and move that can be improved and enhanced. And this is only possible when players have enough practiced drills to breakdown this part. Several drills are designed specifically for rebounding. Practicing these drills on daily basis enhance your team performance.

In addition to specific drills designed for rebounding, emphasizing rebounding in other drills also make improvements to your performance. For example, while shooting there are many chances to improve toughness, improve offensive rebounding, work on boxing out on basketball defense and follow up shots that are missed.

Rebounding technique

If we speak of rebounding technique, then the first thing that comes is positioning. It is essential to fight for position instead of waiting before the shot goes up. Next thing is to look for where the missed shot will get and be the first to get the ball. And in the end securing the ball with both hands and hold it in strong position. Players not holding ball with both hands loose it to the other team.

Best 7 basketball rebounding drills

To get your performance to whole new level, executing drills with perfect strategy is important. Rebounding is technical and requires more practice. The more a player practice various techniques, the more he masters in this area. Rebounding drills for beginners are designed specifically. Similarly advance level rebounding drills are also included in our collection of basketball training videos. These drills are as follow;

Side rebounding drill

This is a great 4 on 4 drill that particularly works on players experience communicating. It is also useful to improve three – point shooting. Keeping the Full Court basketball on a rebound and boxing out is also enhanced by this drill.

Rotating rebounding drill

A fun drill that basically involves 3 to 4 players rotating around the key. This drill focus greatly on defenders communicating. It also works on contact with offensive player before acquiring rebound and working as a team.

5 spot offensive basketball rebounding drill

This drill focus on training players to quickly locate and go after the ball on offensive board of rebounding.

Rebound tip out quick attack basketball drill

Players can use this great drill to supplement their tipping ability and become able to quickly finish by attacking.

Finishing with contact offensive rebounding basketball drill

Hours and hours of practice is needed to learn offensive rebounds and then shooting the ball.

Golden egg drill

A very effective 4 player drill that teaches players how to box out and to be physical with the box outs.

Battle board rebounding drill

Another amazing drill that develop player’s ability of making contact and anticipation and then securing the rebound.


All the drills mentioned above are very useful in the training of players to develop and improve various areas of rebounding. A player who has mastered in these areas of rebounding enhances the performance of his team.

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