6 Best Luxury Watch Brands Chosen by Vogue

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Last Updated on November 24, 2022 by Tayyaba Khan

Vogue magazine has been our reliable friend for giving us the recent hottest fashion trends. They have never failed to keep us updated, even down to the best luxury watch brands we should check out. We must be sure about the luxury watch brand we are going to invest a timepiece in. Aside from being luxurious items, these watches are also great for securing our future because of the value they hold through the years. Of course, there is nothing sweeter than gaining the respect you deserve after people see you wearing a reputable luxury watch! The list just goes on about why luxury watches are great purchases. Today, with our dear friend, Vogue, we give you the list of the hottest luxury watch brands!

1.  Audemars Piguet

You can consider Audemars Piguet as one of the top luxury watch brands in the world, and there are no signs of stopping for this Swiss brand. What Vogue loved about Audemars Piguet is their watches being bold yet useful at the same time. They also have a wide variety of luxury watches that will suit your style, from a classy and clean timepiece to those watches that will command attention because of their gems and sparkles.

As for us, what we love about Audemars Piguet is their rich heritage, which boosts them towards innovation. The luxury brand is also known to use only the best materials and best practices in creating a watch. What people know them for the most are the satin-brushed finishes of their timepieces.

Vogue recommends you check out the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak frosted gold quartz watch and the Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 watch.

2.  Tag Heuer

Another brand that Vogue adds to its list is the Swiss brand, TAG Heuer. It cannot be denied that this brand, too, has made a good name of its own. Most people think of TAG Heuer as the first thing when you ask them about sports luxury watches. They create their timepieces based on the sports they cater like diving, driving, or soccer. Indeed, TAG Heuer is a watch full of action. Aside from being the perfect watch for your next hiking trip, these watches are also perfect for crucial events in your career, like project proposals, meetings, and such! Meaning they will also be perfect for both corporate and social functions.

Vogue finds the timepieces Tag Heuer Aquaracer professional 300 stainless steel bracelet watch and the TAG Heuer Carrera watch hot.

3.  Cartier

You may be familiar with this brand because of the glamorous jewelry pieces every girl would be dying to have. We know how Cartier watches bring in these sparkling gems and intricately molded metals that look stunning without looking tacky. If they are great at doing these, it would no longer come as a surprise that they are also great with luxury watches. In fact, they started as watchmakers! Cartier watches are the favorite timepieces of celebrities, personalities, and even royalty! Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and others prefer Cartier watches. This preference is probably because of the brand’s timeless classic designs.

If you are considering Cartier watches, Vogue recommends you check out the Cartier Tank Must Watch and the Cartier Panthère de Cartier 22mm small 18-carat pink gold diamond watch.

4.  Grand Seiko

Are you looking for something that is just as classy, but would not make you go too penniless? If that is the case, then Grand Seiko will be your best pal. This Japanese brand offers great watches that will be your reliable companion with your daily grind. Some may not have noticed this brand at first, but it has the respect of watch connoisseurs because of the technology of their watches. This Japanese watch brand is also considered a tough opponent of Swiss luxury watch brands. Grand Seiko watches are affordable watches that offer the same performance, accuracy, aesthetic, and brand reputation.

Vogue thinks we should check out the Grand Seiko Heritage SBGX263 watch and the Grand Seiko Heritage SBGX261 watch.

5.  Omega

Omega is another luxury watch brand that will never disappoint you. This brand is also frequently being selected as the official timekeeper during the Olympic games. A real watch for adventure, it is a reliable partner for you as you push your boundaries. Omega is one of the strongest Swiss luxury watch brands that bring durable, accurate, and oh-so-sexy watches! Even James Bond approves!

Check out the Omega 38mm Seamaster Aqua Terra 150-meter Co‑Axial Master Chronometer watch, with Small Seconds subdial and the Omega De Ville Trésor Master Co-Axial Chronometer 40mm watch.

6.  Rolex

Of course, this list will never be complete without this brand, which serves as an allusion to luxury watch brands themselves. The real go-to brand for celebrities, politicians, and personalities, this watch has been one of the most influential brands in the world. When people think about luxury watches, they frequently think about Rolex.

Watch connoisseurs even agree that Rolex creates only god-tier watches that keep their value and always becomes the star during watch auctions. Throughout the years, Rolex was the brand that has always been present during major feats of human history. It accompanied the first explorers who hiked to the summit of Mt. Everest, the first swimmers to cross the English Channel, and even the astronauts who went on expeditions to the moon!

Even if you are just in your office or in a local bar, Rolex will not disappoint. Vogue thinks the Rolex Datejust 36 and the Rolex Explorer Watch are great choices.

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