Top 10 activities to engage your child with, if he/she is feeling bored and stuck indoors

Top 10 activities to engage your child with, if he/she is feeling bored and stuck indoors
Top 10 activities to engage your child with, if he/she is feeling bored and stuck indoors

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Worried about engaging your child suitably as he/she continues to remain stuck indoors? Perhaps kids activities online may help greatly in this regard, particularly if you choose them from a reputed and time tested platform like Yellow Class. As you will soon find out, there are a plethora of free online hobby courses and other varieties of online sessions that will keep your child engaged when he/she is feeling bored and is seeking new things to do. 

Here are the top 10 activities worth considering in this regard: 

  • Art & Craft- Art and Craft is one of the finest activities that you can get your child to take part in. Online kids painting, drawing and craft making lessons are highly recommended in this regard. These lessons will help your child discover innate creative talents, express better and learn new skills. Clay modeling, sculpture, beadwork and other forms are also available, depending upon your child’s interests. 
  • Books- Get your child initiated into a magical and fabulous new world of books and stories, ranging from thrilling and adventurous tales to biographies, factual and knowledge-based books and more. Have a list of books ready for your child to dip into depending upon his/her age. Make it a daily habit as far as reading is concerned. Encourage your child to creatively express himself/herself by writing and illustrating his/her own storybook or biography. 
  • Chores & Cooking- Younger children may help you with cooking, including learning how to knead flour, rolling rotis or even washing vegetables. Slightly older children can be taught how to cut, prepare and cook vegetables and other items. The key here is to get children involved in shopping for ingredients, planning the menu and experimenting with recipes along with you in the kitchen. 
  • Deep Thinking- Occasional challenges go a long way towards helping in exercising your kids’ brains while keeping them healthy, growing and sharp. Chose challenges for deep thinking including Rubik’s cube, jigsaw puzzles, brain puzzles and games, word games and crossword puzzles, Sudoku and logic and Math puzzles. 
  • Experimenting & Exploring- Create ample scope for the kid to explore and eventually experiment with various materials and ideas. You can get them to experiment with various recipes in the kitchen, science experiments, recycling, engineering and technology experiments, new inventions and the like! 
  • Free Playtime- Encourage children to engage in free playtime with or without toys and other games. Do not put strictures or guidelines in place for playtime. Let your children come out of their own boredom by playing as they wish and creating characters/scenarios in the moment. 
  • Playing games together- Play games together as a family for stimulating cooperation, trust and development in your kid. You can pick everything from card and board games to Scrabble and other games like Antakshari, dumb charades and a lot more. 
  • Picking up other hobbies- Encourage children to pick up some added hobbies including collecting coins, stamps and other items to archaeology, gardening or photography. Support your kid with the materials and supplies needed or even the training. 
  • Imaginative Playing- Pretend Play is vital for younger children. From hosting parties for dolls/action figures to saving the world with a thoughtfully crafted scenario of his/her own, imaginative play will do a world of good for your child. Create scenarios and assign them to your child. 
  • Jamming/Moving Together- At times, simply to kill the boredom, put on your favorite music and have a blast by dancing together! This will be a great way to refresh your child. You can also drum up a beat together on any surface or play some music/sing together if that is possible. 

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These 10 tips will help you engage your child productively while preventing him/her from feeling bored or lonely.