The Advantages And Disadvantages of Internet in Business

Internet in Business

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When most people think of the internet, they either picture a bland, boring place where one would spend hours reading manuals and doing nothing productive with their time. This is simply not the case, however, as Intranets have become more popular than ever and are used in many different types of businesses and industries. It isn’t hard to see why. The Intranet has many benefits and there are plenty of people that can testify as to how useful and productive using an Intranet can be.

Advantages Of Using Internet

1. Business

When an individual or a business sets up a website, it can prove very beneficial to the owner and can prove especially advantageous to the site visitors. The Internet provides instant access to vast amounts of information and allows a company to reach out to people that may not have otherwise known about the business or company. It allows for advertising that is more personal, as opposed to just reaching out to mass media like television or radio. The Internet can also reach into a target market that cannot be reached by other means. In some cases, the Internet can even help a company to grow because the Internet is frequented by many people looking for particular types of products and services.

However, the Internet can also provide a number of problems for people using it. The Internet can prove very overwhelming for those who are not familiar with it. It can be difficult and even frustrating to navigate and use for those who have never been exposed to the Internet before. For this reason, many businesses find that using an Intranet makes managing their web site much easier. For more informative posts about everything from business, home improvement, health, and be sure to check out more blog posts at

2. Learn New things

Those who use the Intranet need a way to be able to understand it. Intranets, or “Internet portals” were not always commonly used. One of the biggest struggles that people have with the Intranet is that users are often put on a long and complicated process when trying to get information and to learn new things. The use of a website, such as an Intranet, makes the Intranet less intimidating. It can take a long time to get a person comfortable using a website that is not designed for the Intranet and there is little to no specialized knowledge needed.

3. Work Anywhere.

Some people are reluctant to visit the office, home or any location that is located within the Intranet. Although most people who have access to the Intranet do not have major negative reactions to it, some employers have placed heavy restrictions on the use of intranet technology within their companies. Although most Intranet sites allow users to access files and chat rooms from anywhere on the planet that has Internet access, some employers have discretion over who can enter work areas or chat rooms and can ban employees who do not comply.

Disadvantages of Internet

1.  Update The System Regularly

If an employee works at home, they may be forced to disconnect their home computer and stay at the office for a period of time. This could be extremely inconvenient and can cause a great deal of stress for both the employee and the employer. An even bigger disadvantage of intranet in business is the costs associated with maintaining the system. Building and providing an Intranet requires significant financial investment. It also takes significant resources to upgrade the system on a regular basis. This may be a huge cost for small businesses, which rely on a small monthly budget.

2. Need Internet Software and Internet Connection

Intranet software does not come cheap. The monthly fees that are required to use the Intranet can be steep. Although some Intranet providers offer discounts for new customers, the price of a subscription for an entire company can be quite steep, especially if many employees sign up to the system. In addition, businesses are often limited to the bandwidth and number of computers that they can use on their Intranet. Frequent usage limits are also enforced so that employees cannot overload the system.

One of the biggest disadvantages of intranet in business is the fact that it is not accessible to everyone who has internet access. Businesses that are located in highly populated areas may find that they cannot easily use the Intranet system. This can severely limit a business’s ability to reach out to clients and potential customers. If a business chooses to invest in an Intranet system, it is strongly recommended that they ask some local providers for advice about how best to get Internet access through their own service.

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