Who Is Alice Fredenham? Everything You Need To Know About Alice Fredenham Net Worth, Age, And Career Updates

Alice Fredenham Net Worth

Alice Fredenham appeared on Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) in 2013. She took a break for some time but is now back in the song “I Only Have Eyes for You.” She went from being a beauty therapist to a singer with a beautiful voice worldwide. She is a very talented celebrity. You will get to know Alice Fredenham’s Net Worth, age, details of her professional journey, and how she went from being a beauty therapist to a singer. Read this article to get Alice’s complete biography.

Alice Fredenham is a talented singer and songwriter known for her beautiful voice and captivating stage presence. With her powerful performances and captivating stage presence, Alice has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide and established herself as one of the most promising artists of her generation.

But what is Alice Fredenham’s net worth, and how did she build a successful career in the music industry? Born in 1985, Alice is a relatively young performer who has already achieved much in her career. With a passion for music from a young age and years of hard work and dedication, she has built a thriving music career that has earned her both critical acclaim and a substantial following.

As of 2023, Alice Fredenham’s net worth is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands, a testament to her talent and hard work. In addition to her financial success, Alice is also known for her commitment to her craft and her unwavering dedication to her fans. With her undeniable talent and passion for music, Alice Fredenham will continue to captivate audiences for many years to come.

Early Life

Alice was born on 14 April 1985 in Harpenden, UK. She will turn 38 in 2023. She belongs to a British family. She holds British nationality. Keeping her personal life private, she does not often reveal much about her parents and siblings. As she was more interested in singing than studying, she did not pursue much education.

She started practicing singing from an early age. She also participates in singing at wedding functions and parties. By doing this, she practices her vocal abilities. She mostly likes old, evergreen music.


She attended Albans Girls School from 1997 to 2001. From an early age, she gave up further studies and later thought more about singing. As a child, she loved singing. That’s why she dropped out of school and started a career as a singer.

Professional Life

Alice first auditioned for the TV show “The Voice” and started her career. Some of her past auditions made her sad, which she can never forget. She felt that BGT was her only chance to prove herself. She was rejected from the “The Voice” audition only because she lost confidence. Days after the show, she said she was crying in bed. She reconsidered her decision and tried again to prepare herself for a new challenge. Her boyfriend suggested her join BGT.

Singing Career

Alice Fredenham is an English singer. She became famous for her work and performance in the British show “Britain’s Got Talent.” Alice worked as a beauty therapist. At the age of 28, she auditioned for a show in the UK named Britain’s Got Talent in 2013 with the song “My Funny Valentine,” where she wowed the judges, especially Simon Cowell, who described her as being like “liquid gold.” Her video audition went viral and was viewed by about 38 million people on YouTube. There is some controversy about this.

People Reviews About Alice Fredenham’s Singing

Some people say that her performance is only meant to garner sympathy and that she faked her stage fright. People supported her performance by giving their statements with audio and video, but she looked very confident and had no regret. Despite not qualifying for the finals, she wasn’t disappointed. Despite not making it past the semi-finals, Alice developed an enormous and passionate fan base through her social media account, which was later evident in her collection of funds for her album. Due to her nervousness, she missed her lines during her semi-final performance of “Cry me a River.”

Even after this event, she burst into tears during the backstage interview. The media often mentions this, and she does not like to recall the event. She wanted to become a professional singer. Therefore, she continued performing to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. After some time, she became famous. Currently, she is an emerging American actress.

Alice’s Brand Endorsement Journey

Alice has also endorsed a brand. She earns several dollars a month from there. She has yet to publicly disclose much information and details about the brand she has endorsed.

Personal Life

Harpenden is currently Alice’s hometown. She loves the United States because it is her hometown, where she spent her childhood. Alice is in a relationship with Joe Lenzie. She is pleased about this relationship as Joe supports her in every aspect of her life. Joe Lenzie is the man behind the innovative music producer duo Sigma. They may appear together in the future. She is not married yet.

Alice Fredenham Net Worth

As of 2023, Alice Fredenham’s Net Worth is around $250 thousand. Her primary sources of income include his brand endorsement, singing business, etc.

Awards & Nominations

Alice’s most outstanding achievement in life appears in various shows. So far, she has yet to win any awards. However, she is a very talented girl and has a bright future. There are many chances to win the award soon.

Social Media Accounts

Alice Fredenham is very active on social media. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are always her favorite places to share her story. To keep her subscribers attentive, she updates her profiles and stories on the Internet with the latest activities. She has 11.2K Instagram followers and has made around 24 posts following 108 people. In 2013, she created her Twitter account and had 11.3K followers. She also posts many pictures of herself on Facebook and is a very active celebrity.


Alice Fredenham’s Net Worth is currently around $250 thousand. She is a singer and beauty therapist with British citizenship. After reaching the semi-finals of the seventh series of BGT, she began her singing career. She also worked as a beauty therapist at 28 and landed her first audition.

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What is the marital status of Alice Fredenham?

Alice Fredenham is currently single and not married yet. She only has a relationship with her boyfriend, Joe Lenzie.

In which country was Alice born?

Alice’s birthplace is Harpenden, in the United States.

How tall is Alice Fredenham?

Her height is about 1.63m.

When did Alice Fredenham appear on BGT?

Alice Fredenham made her name in 2013 as a beauty therapist. She impressed the judges on BGT after singing ‘My Funny Valentine.’ Judge Simon Cowell praised Alice for her excellent performance on BGT.