7 Alternatives for Using Your Phone on the Road

Your Phone on the Road

Last Updated on January 20, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Why should you put up with boredom while on the road? It’s fun to go out and explore. But boredom can take over while en route to your destination. Instead of mindlessly gazing outside or struggling to sleep, grab your phone and keep your mind busy or entertained. There are productive ways to be on your smartphone while on the way to your destination. Your smartphone can also occupy you by keeping you amused. And I am not talking about mindless perusing social media accounts. There are apps designed to keep you busy, productive, and entertained while traveling.

Let’s look at how you can use your phone to stay up and active as you travel to your destination.

Digital Books

Do you love reading books? You can access all types of books online and read them using your smartphone. Some books also come as apps. They are accessible through your app store or google play store. Most of these books are free. You’ll need data to access the books. Or, listen to an audiobook.

Learn a Skill

Learning a skill on the go is possible if you have a smartphone. There are different websites or tools you can use to learn a skill. Go to skillshare, wikiHow, youtube, or get access to a MasterClass online. You’ll get access to any skill you wish to learn. Again you’ll need lots of data to access these learning tools. Therefore, get a good data plan before heading out. Consider getting sim-only deals since they are more affordable than other data plans. On top of that, you also get calls and texts slotted onto the plan. So, you get a chance to stay online, learn a skill and at the same time talk to your family and friends while traveling.

Stay Up-to-Date with News or Sports

You can easily follow up and stay updated on all that’s happening around you using your smartphone. Take advantage of reliable sources such as google news, apple news, or other built-in tools to access any kind of news. If you love sports, smartphones make it easy and convenient to watch live games and scores of your favorite games. 

Organize Your Apps

When was the last time you organized your apps? Most people love to try out new apps. The habit can fill up your phone with unused apps. Scroll through your app and delete unwanted or unused apps. You risk a security breach or filling up your phone’s storage by having too many apps on your phone. So, organize and delete the excesses.

Create or Clean Up Your Spotify Playlist

We love streaming music. I guess that’s why most of us have the Spotify app on our phones. It’s good to occasionally tidy up and add a new playlist to your Spotify. Why don’t you do it as you wait to reach your destination? Remove any playlist or songs you’ve outgrown and create new playlists and podcasts you can listen to while on the road.

Take Photos

Your smartphone gives you the power to take good pictures. Therefore, take advantage of that. Snap anything interesting you see along the road.

It’s also a great time to sort and tidy up your gallery. Delete any photo you don’t need. Create albums to organize your different memories. If there is any photo that needs a touch-up, edit it. You can also back up some of your pictures if you have enough data.

Clear the Clutter on Your Emails

How’s your email inbox? With our busy schedules, it’s easy to let unread emails clog our email inboxes. If you’ve lots of unread emails, look through each of them. You may have missed an important email. Read the emails, clear your inbox, unsubscribe to newsletters you don’t need anymore, and clear your draft box and outbox. A clean and organized email inbox improves your productivity at work. 

It’s a Wrap

Our phones have progressed into tiny entertainment gadgets and learning tools that can keep you busy while on the road. As you’ve seen, there are different constructive things you can do on your smartphone as you wait to reach your destination. You can learn a skill, take photos, listen to music or get in touch with your friends. You no longer have to hoodwink your body into sleep or tolerate boredom when traveling.

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