Aluminum cups: the road to sustainable cups

Aluminum cups: the road to sustainable cups

Last Updated on March 19, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Plastic cups are used in various shows, events and sometimes even at homes. But 93% of these plastic cups are used in landfills. Because plastic cups are mostly unrecyclable, aluminum cups can be recycled and will be ready for use within the next 60 days.

Another research shows that if given the opportunity, people would opt for environment-friendly products, and half of them are even willing to pay the premium price for the products. This is the exact reason why aluminum cups have been created to meet both industrial and environmental standards. The global plastic crisis is significantly rising because each year, billions of plastic products are getting disposed of, and about 91% of these disposed of plastic is not getting recycled.

But the good news is that live sports events and the live entertainment industry are switching to aluminium products such as aluminum cups to help the environmental cause. The reason behind switching to aluminum cups is because, unlike plastic cups, aluminum cups can be easily recycled and reused. Premier League football club Arsenal has also taken the initiative to sell only aluminum cups in their stadium.

The sustainability of aluminum cups

In terms of sustainability, aluminum cups are way ahead of single-use plastic cups or other similar products. The metal itself has the advantage of being infinitely recyclable. In contrast, the quality of plastic degrades with every single use, eventually coming to a point where it cannot be used anymore. The only thing that can be done with them is to either send it to an incinerator or landfill.

The opportunities provided by aluminium in the packaging industry is limitless, and that too is coupled with innovation and sustainability. The good news is that aluminum cups can help people reduce waste and improve the environmental condition. Major sports and events can easily adapt to aluminum cups and contribute to this glorious cause benefiting the entire humankind.

However, there seems to be a complication when it comes to producing aluminium from its ore, bauxite. An outrageous amount of energy is required to produce aluminium using several processes. And the carbon emission created as a by-product of creating aluminium from ore is not a matter of joke. If we compare between aluminium and PET bottles, a whopping 1300 grams of carbon dioxide emission is produced from aluminium compared to 330 grams from PET bottles. Moreover, bauxite mining is damaging the biodiversity of different countries, including Ghana, Malaysia and Brazil.

Aluminum cups have both advantages and disadvantages over plastic cups. But what we should rather focus on is not waste anything. We think our battle is with plastics, but the truth is that we always end up generating waste one way or another, and we do not focus on that. The aluminum cups offer the best possible solution. With its optimal durability and recyclability, any other material can come close to aluminium. Additionally, aluminum cups are lightweight, high on aesthetics and sturdy. You won’t be able to find similar characteristics in other packaging materials like paper and plastic.

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