Artificial intelligence is changing the way of life: how to prepare?

Artificial intelligence is changing the way of life: how to prepare?

Last Updated on May 26, 2022 by azamqasim

Many among us envision the future to be more automated. A time when humanity is at the pinnacle of technological advancement. But that age will not come cheap, this is perhaps the time to wake up and start working for that. The pandemic taught the world a hard lesson and the cost of accumulating human errors is going high with every passing hour. Living in this very important junction we can not afford to entertain errors. And for this very purpose, data science is emerging as an important discipline, transforming day-to-day processes into something very efficient. The prosperity in the field of data science is affecting the development of artificially intelligent entities. In many sectors including the commercial and the public sectors, AI is taking over the mundane and error-prone tasks.

This eradication of human error can be considered a start. The acceptance of AI and the evident advantages are opening up a plethora of opportunities for the ones adept with AI. but in order to be a part of this massive undertaking a student must industry readiness is essential. Only the best artificial intelligence course in Delhi or maybe a few other cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad can arm a student with the necessary amenities. Choosing from the many available courses and becoming a professional is not an easy journey. Thus, this article will try to enlighten the reader about the opportunities one can access after taking up studies and of course regarding the process of choosing an institute.

What are the opportunities?

In the healthcare sector

In the healthcare sector, massive amounts of historical and medical data are being used for the development of personalized medicine. Artificial intelligence is mostly at the helm of such studies where the quantity of the data is humanly impossible to handle. In addition to that, remote diagnosis also helps a lot of patients to live a carefree life. The system is possible due to the rapid advancements in automation. Wearable remote devices are ensuring quick communication of critical health conditions. And automation makes sure the concerned health unit is always on time with the necessary guidance.

In marketing

Today the sources of ethically obtainable data are numerous. Thus it is possible to gain access to a plethora of data types. Which might include purchasing patterns, investment mentality, and financial habits. Armed with all such kinds of data, a marketing team with the help of AI can figure out these essential aspects. Today it is possible to pinpoint marketing campaigns to only the most relevant people. People who are willing to invest in a product and something that they might need as well.

In traffic and law enforcement

In the case of traffic, the management of city traffic and prosecution of rogue drivers are almost fully automated. Ai systems coupled with motion sensors and computer vision can track down rogue vehicles from a mile away and instantly prosecute them. Due to this creative incorporation, the streets are safer than ever.

Law enforcement and national security are also being heavily affected by the emergence of AI. Financial and logistics patterns alongside purchase data can reveal plots of elaborate crimes and enforcement can prevent them before onset. The whole system can be automated by the redeployment of well-trained AI-powered tools.

In cyber security

Remote work, thanks to the ravaging pandemic, is mainstream now. Employees are bound to work from the comfort of their homes. These remote servers, isolated from the institutional mainframe are the most vulnerable targets for cybercriminals. Automated response systems are the solution in this case. Most of the time the process of prevention is to shut out the intruder as soon as possible before they can get their hands on important information. It is humanly impossible to be vigilant all the time and prevent these crimes from happening. Ai comes into play in exactly this scenario. It removes the security delay and enables a cyber security team to operate when it matters.


Production is the perhaps oldest sector that witnessed an efficient deployment of artificial intelligence. From agro to inorganics, if there is a requirement if mass production, automation is expected to be at its helm. Manufacturers who are responsible to satisfy thousands of customers must tackle shelter under the promise of artificial intelligence. Automated production lines reduce cost and the requirement of manpower and increase production rates drastically.

How to start?

It is always wise to study the scenario really well before making a career decision such as this. An Artificial intelligence engineer is expected to be savvy with coding and possess commendable statistical; skills. Thus the profession of a data scientist is not suitable for the ones reluctant to undertake statistical operations. However finding the best artificial intelligence course in Delhi, Bangalore or Pune is not an easy task. As there is a lot of room for error and fraud on the internet.

In order to evade all the menaces and reach the ideal place, a student must follow a certain protocol.

  • Browsing the internet as much as possible. And get an idea about what can be expected from an institute.
  • Get in touch with the alumni and the faculty members for deeper insights.
  • Evaluate the syllabus and validate the promise of hands-on training
  • Build an academic and professional network from the very beginning.
  • Study the reviews and ratings
  • Tally the prices

The aspect of hands-on training is the most essential when it comes to securing a good internship or employment after graduation. The responsibilities an AI engineer is expected to handle are important and errors can cause long-term inconveniences and for small ventures, they can lead to extinction. Thus employers are reluctant to make risky hires and it is recommended for the students to take things more seriously when it comes to training.

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