AWS training – The Right Way to Become a Master of AWS

AWS training- The Right Way to Become a Master of AWS

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a flexible, secure and comprehensive cloud platform that offers many features and services such as: storage, databases, analysis, deployment, computer, machine learning, intelligence artificial etc.

Many companies of all sizes and industries around the world have chosen AWS Cloud solutions.

Why go to Meghdootassociates for official AWS training?

AWS Training Noida is provided using different training methods (inter-company, intra-company, face-to-face, or remote) The courses alternate theory and practice and include the delivery of official course material.

AWS Trainings and Certifications

Currently, 4 training courses on 3 training levels as well as 3 certified specialties are offered:


  1. Cloud Practitioner – for the overall understanding of the AWS Cloud.
  2. Architect – validation of the technical knowledge of solution architects, solution design engineers and all professionals who design applications and systems on AWS.
  3. Developer – validation of the technical knowledge of developers who develop cloud applications on AWS.
  4. Operations – validation of the technical knowledge of sysops administrators, system administrators and people in a DevOps function on the AWS platform.


  • AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty
  • AWS Certified Security – Specialty

Why take official AWS training?

There is official AWS training Noida for each profile. Training and certification on AWS allows you to prove your knowledge and skills to design available and secure systems on AWS Cloud solutions.

Discover our Amazon Web Services training courses

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is a galaxy of business services offered by this division of the American group. Data storage, application services, management of mobile applications, Internet of Things, the possibilities are endless and allow companies to digitize their services with simplicity and agility. Amazon Web Services training courses can help you master the famous Cloud platform to use each feature.

AWS: Over 200 services in one platform

The goal of Amazon Web Services is to provide professionals with a cloud with which to make their digital projects a reality. They can also store, analyse and process 100% of their data, develop their next mobile applications, develop the functionalities of their connected objects, etc.

You have very varied databases, adaptable to your specific activity, and tools allowing you to achieve your ambitions with a significant saving in time and money.

AWS is also one of the most reliable cloud computing environments in the world. Designed to serve the largest banking groups or the military, the Amazon cloud includes 230 security services and features, and supports 90 security standards. In addition, each data storage service allows AWS customers to encrypt their data.

Want to use AWS services to grow your business services and use one of the most secure cloud services on the market? Edureka offers training courses accessible to all your employees, regardless of their level of mastery of Amazon Web Services:

  • For beginners: 4 training modules giving you a complete overview of AWS (Cloud practitioner, technical, business, security training);
  • For more seasoned users: more specific training allowing you to discuss in detail the main AWS services, according to your objectives (design and implementation of architectures on AWS, data management, development, security, etc.).

Some of these training courses are certifying, and the compilation of several identified certifications allows you to acquire certification titles such as for example AWS certified Solutions Architect Associate, AWS certified DevOps Engineer Professional. The certification allows you to justify the skills you have on the subject.

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