Is AWS a Managed Service Provider?

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The world expects data centers grow in scope by about 13.8% in 2021. Part of this is due to edge networking and the IoT, part of it due to COVID-19 remote working paradigm shifts. If you’re using AWS (Amazon Web Services) you’re probably wondering if it can handle these features, and whether it’s an MSP or managed service provider or not. The answer to that question depends on the definition of an MSP, and what AWS offers (and doesn’t offer).

What does the growth of data centers around the world have to do with AWS and how does it affect the world of a managed service providers? Keep reading to find out the answers to all that and more.

What Is a Managed Service Provider or MSP?

What is an MSP, and is AWS one? What AWS calls an MSP and what an IT managed service provider actually is, are two different things. Instead of wondering if AWS is an MSP, you should probably be searching “IT managed service providers near me,” instead.

AWS is a managed service provider of a kind… We say of a kind because it does do many things that an MSP does. They deliver services, a network, applications, security, and infrastructure. They don’t supply physical hardware services to integrate with your own devices.

That said, there are many different kinds of MSP. A security MSP provides security services that they manage and provide. Sounds simple enough, but it means giving the keys to your business over to a third party, which some people just can’t bring themselves to do.

The type of MSP that AWS is is the data center or hosting type. They host your applications and crunch your numbers, among other things. They do it in a secure environment as well.

AWS Managed Service Partners or IT MSP?

What Amazon calls an MSP is not a managed service provider. Rather, they are managed service partners that are approved third-party managers for your AWS membership and environment.

This is why we say that what you probably need is an IT MSP. An IT MSP can help you with your cloud-based AWS or hybrid system. They take care of the physical machines and the cloud services you’ll be using.

They become a local partner with a face, to help you through any troubleshooting or security concerns you have. Basically, they’re an outsourced IT department that helps you focus on your work instead of your IT infrastructure.

The Answer about AWS

While AWS is a managed service provider, it isn’t going to manage your devices and troubleshoot for you. In fact, they only provide their services and have third parties manage them.

So are they the MSP you’re looking for? Probably not, but they likely are the platform your IT MSP will suggest.

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