Difference Between the Country Dance and The Ballroom Dance

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Dance is a fun activity not only for dancers but also for the viewers. This has multiple health benefits and one of the best kinds of exercise. The greatest benefit of dance is that it stimulates the activity of the brain. The freedom of expression that dance provides no other activity can provide. This is the most popular activity among adults and kids. Now we are witnessing multiple professional dancers with exceptional skills.

The two most common types of dances are country dance and ballroom dance. The Country Dance Lessons are more famous because of some specific differences from the ballroom dance. The country dance is an ancient one and now the modern form of country dance is also available. Let’s have a look at the elements which has made country dance different from ballroom dance.

Difference Of Country Dance from Ball Room Dance:

Multiple elements differentiate the country dance from the ballroom dance.

· Two-Step Dance:

This is a well-known form of country dance. It consists of fast spins, weaving, and other cool moves. After learning that dance you can perform that at any country festival. This a very beautiful and enjoyable dance. This dance also looks good at the social evenings and brings life to them.

· Social Dancing Is Possible:

It provides multiple opportunities day and night for social dancing. In this dance type, you will practice and learn different kinds of dances. Social dancing allows dancing in a competition or with friends. This dance is very enjoyable while doing with friends. The feeling of practising lead on impressive music is great.

· Dance Schools:

The number of dance schools offering country dance is greater than ballroom dance. The dance classes for the two-step, west coast swing and waltz are available easily.

· Family Oriented Dance:

The country dance is famous because it is a family-oriented dance.  Even kids can be a part of it with adults. You would believe it or not grandparents are also seen competing in this dance.

· Dance As a Professional:

By learning country dance, you can dance as a professional. The steps of the country dance are not easy to master. But after having command over it learning other dances would not be difficult. The fun element of the dance is something that makes it interesting. The fun element is present in the country dance in greater amount.

· Cheaper Than Ballroom Dance:

The passes of the country dance competition are cheaper than the ballroom dance. So, it provides people easy access to the dance. Dance lovers can easily live their passion even if they don’t have enough money. This the best opportunity to test the dance skills.

· Easy To Make Quick Friends:

There is a saying about ballroom dance is that is not friendly. This is not that people of this dance type are not friendly. It’s just they don’t show friendly behaviour during the competition. They take weeks in making new friends. Country dance is a social dance so, the chances of making new friends early is greater. Country events have an overall welcoming environment. It’s possible to make new friends on the first day of the event.

Why Do We Take Country Dance Classes?

The friendly environment of the Country Dance Lessons allows you to understand the pros of country dance. You will enjoy learning each dance style of the country dance. Learning dance in a fun and laughter environment becomes easier. This is the quality of a country dance that it doesn’t exert any pressure. It teaches how to be social and the involvement of all make the bonding stronger.

Because of being a social dance, it is a great source of building confidence in people. It also increases the self-belief of people. Due to which they perform fearlessly in class and the events.


The country dance is an ancient one and the feelings of people are attached to it. Its love has transferred from generation to generation. Just Danze Houston has kept alive the old tradition by offering country dance classes. This dance type is worth enjoying with the family in any family event. The bond which this dance type can create none can do.

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