Ayden Hector at WSU Offers Advice to First-Year College Students

Ayden Hector at WSU Offers Advice to First-Year College Students
Ayden Hector at WSU Offers Advice to First-Year College Students

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Freshman Year Is A Big Transition, Says WSU’s Ayden Hector

Going to college is a significant change for most first-year students. For many, freshman year is the first time they’ve lived apart from their families. College classes also are different from high school classes, with many being held in large lecture halls and having one or two projects comprising the entire grade. WSU student Ayden Hector provides some tips for making a successful transition.

Manage Time Wisely

“A major success factor in college is effective time management,” says Ayden Hector at WSU. Make a weekly schedule that includes classes, study times, activities, and other obligations. Then stick to the schedule.

“If the syllabus indicates a paper isn’t due for four weeks, you might be tempted to put off working on it until the last minute,” he says. “A better strategy would be to divide the workload into four parts and plan to accomplish one part each week.”

Watch Your Health

Proper rest, diet, and exercise are essential. Your brain needs the proper nutrients to digest the knowledge you’re gaining. Eat proteins, good fats, fruits, and vegetables and stay hydrated, he says. 

“Exercise also is important. Use the college gym, fitness center, or pool to help burn off steam and stay fit,” says Ayden Hector at WSU.

Always Back Up Files

Protecting your computer and files can save you from an academic disaster,” he says. Make sure you buy an excellent malware protection program and consider an ad blocker as well. Also, always back up your computer files to Google Drive or another source, he says.

Don’t Be Afraid to Drop a Class.

College is about trying new learning experiences. However, sometimes a class turns out to be a bad fit. If the course is too stressful, takes up more of your time than you feel it should, or if your overall course load is overwhelming, dropping the class may be the best answer. However, consult with an academic adviser first and be careful about following the correct procedures, he says.

Participate in Activities

Good colleges and universities have a variety of clubs, activities, and athletic programs. Participating in them helps you make new friends and gain valuable leadership experience. “Aim for holding at least one leadership role during your time on campus. It will help you gain skills and will also impress potential employers at job search time,” says Ayden Hector at WSU.

About Ayden Hector at WSU

Ayden Hector is a sophomore majoring in business administration at WSU. He has made the President’s Honor Roll and is president of B.Box, a student-led organization that partners with a local youth shelter to provide birthday celebrations for homeless teens. He also volunteers to distribute emergency food boxes in the community.